Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The League of the Inspiring Cart Walkthrough

In true paladin spirit, Seelah gladly lends a helping hand to anyone who needs it — on this occasion, to a young knight, Elan. During the demon attack, he lost an expensive ring, a gift for his fiancée. In the grand scheme of things, this can hardly be considered a serious problem. But surely even minor requests for help should not go unheeded?

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The League of the Inspiring Cart Walkthrough

  • You can visit Houndheart Campsite after you left Kenabres, you need to bring Seelah with you.
  • Talk to Elan, check the crates at abandoned camp, then search for the Quasit who steals the ring.
  • You can find a +2 Heavy Shield with DR5/magic at the top right of this map. (You need to pass Mobility check 20 to get there.)
  • Before you caught the Quasit, prepare your team for a fight. (3 Babus will appear to attack you once you cornered that quasit.)
  • Slay the demons, then talk to Seelah discussing what happened.

It’s done, although the results are not at all what was expected. And the story of the ring and the League of the Inspiring Cart is unlikely to end here…

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