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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Price of Knowledge Walkthrough

The Price of Knowledge Walkthrough

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Learn the identity of the mad half-elf woman

  • When they hear the word “scientist,” most people picture someone respectable, well-heeled, working in a fully equipped laboratory. But a true scientist may be like this woman — barefoot, with unkempt, prematurely graying hair, pacing around the object of her research day and night, completely oblivious to the withering of her body and mind. Who is she? And what mystery is she attempting to solve?

Learn the fate of Miammir the Scholar

  • Many knights of the Order of the Flaming Lance call themselves scientists and researchers. In fact, their interest in mysticism is practical rather than theoretical. Most of them yearn for knowledge only in order to find a means to wipe out the demons. But there are happy exceptions, such as the order’s leader, Miammir the Scholar. She earned this epithet with a string of brilliant discoveries made not in the reverential silence of a laboratory, but on blood-soaked battlefields. What made her leave Kenabres? Where is she now? Is she working on a new project — or perhaps has she already turned her last page?

Ttell the leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance about Miammir the Scholar’s location

  • What a sorry sight — and it has unfolded in a place of such harsh beauty. A brilliant mind, once capable of leading an order of scholarly knights, is now shriveled like her skin, has turned gray and disheveled like her hair, and has lost its firm grip, like her trembling, gnarled fingers. Who now would recognize Miammir the Scholar in this raving vagrant? At the very least, her fellow order members have the right to know what became of their leader.

Follow the leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance to Miammir the Scholar

  • A brotherhood of scientists is more an ideal than a reality. Even among the knights of a crusader order, there is fertile ground for rivalry, envy, jealousy. What will the current leader of the order say when she sees her predecessor in such an unusual state? Will she weep or will she rejoice? Will she help Miammir to recover, or will she end her suffering? The Commander will not want to miss the final denouement of this story!

Decide the fate of Miammir the Scholar

  • The time has come to learn the truth. Why did Miammir leave Kenabres? What knowledge has she been seeking here, by this petrified tree? And most important of all — were all the hardships she has been forced to endure worth it?

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