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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Unsounded Alarm Walkthrough

Gesmerha the woodshaper told the Commander that the settlement of Wintersun is protected by three rune stones, which emit a warning light when demons are near. Why do the villagers not know that demons walk among them? This unexpected blindness is far beyond the natural human reluctance to face one’s personal demons, so to speak. There is a secret here that must be uncovered.

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Unsounded Alarm Walkthrough

  • Talk to Gesmerha in front of chief’s longhouse, then search for the runestones.
  • Climb to the chief’s house and examine the debris of the runestone in the grass on the right. Then go to the left of the chief’s house, go down a little lower and examine the fake runestone under the tree by the house on the left.
  • Return to Gesmerha and tell her your findings.

The rune stones were destroyed and replaced with fakes. Who is responsible?

Unsounded Alarm Objectives

Examine the rune stones
Rune stones are sacred talismans that the people of old Sarkoris used to rely on for detecting threats. There are three in all, and they are located in various corners of the village. There should be a way to see if the stones’ magic is still aliveā€¦

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Explore the village
It is clear that something is wrong with the stones – there must be other clues or hints at what is really going on in Wintersun.

Discuss the discoveries with Gesmerha
The woodshaper should be told that the talismans are not working and cannot warn the villagers of any demon presence. And this can mean only one thing – the treachery in the clan ranks.

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