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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Watch your step Walkthrough

A group of Hellknights has vanished somewhere in the Worldwound. The circumstances of that disappearance are so strange that their apparent incoherence makes one suspect a hidden reason, an underlying intent. The secret to this mystery is just out of reach… but is the Commander looking for answers in the right place?

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Watch your step Walkthrough

  • Travel to Hellknights Outpost with Rigill, when you enter the fort, there’s a demon disguised as a survivor who tries to lure you into an ambush.
  • Move forward, you will meet a demon named Kiranda, who wishes to join you.
  • When you enter the main building, some hellknights approach for help. If you have high perception skills, you can figure out their stories consists of too many inconsistencies. Defeat the demons and cultists, leave the building and learn what really happened from Rigill.

The investigation into the disappearance of the Hellknight escort has ended with an unexpected twist. Now it’s obvious that many eyes focus on the Commander’s every step. And some of those watching work to control those steps…

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