Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Weary Guardian Guide: Sacred Lands Puzzle Solutions

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Pass the trial
This shrine used to contain a secret that could be revealed only to the worthiest of the Stag God’s followers. What lies within now even its guardian cannot say. Who else but the Commander can unravel this mistery?

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Put an end to the stand-off between the guardian and the demon
The tree and the demon are each other’s prisoners. The guardian of the trial will not release the uninvited guest, while the latter furiously gnaws on the former’s roots, poisoning the old creature’s mind with the venom of the Abyss. This stand-off can end only with the death of one of them.

Claim the reward
The bonds that bound the two enemies in agonizing captivity have been severed. One of them is dead now — so all that remains is to inform the other of the good news and claim the reward.

Weary Guardian: Sacred Lands Puzzle Solutions

You can solve the puzzle by following order:

After you pass the trial, deal with the demoness, then claim your reward. (As ver 1.0, trickster option will make this quest stuck. You can still get the reward, but the quest itself marked incompleted.)

The tree and the demon could have tormented each other for many more centuries, but now their stand-off has come to an end. The ancient shrine stands empty now – an abandoned, forsaken fragment of a once great country that took pride in its faith.

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