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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous While the World Burns Walkthrough

The inquisitor of the Church of Iomedae wants to discuss a matter of exceptional importance with the Commander. This is how secrets of the past knock on the doors of the present: what’s hidden in the dark always comes to light. Mortals like to believe that some mystical principles are involved, but they are mostly wrong. It is just that there is always some nimble mind or a dangerously curious soul whose thirst for knowledge will overcome any obstacle, for better or for worse.

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While the World Burns Walkthrough

  • You need to talk to Liotr and distract Daeran.
  • Let Liotr examine the three locations and learn what happened in the past.
  • Light the alcohol on fire in the courtyard to activate the fire suppression system
  • Talk to Liotr – he will have a vision.
  • Go to the bedroom and suggest that Daeren have a nude portrait painted by the cleric.
  • Liotr will investigate the bedroom and have another vision.
  • Go to the main hall and wait for Daeran’s conversation with the cleric to end. He’ll walk over to a table by Lann.
  • Suggest to Daeren a drinking competition against Lann
  • Take Daeren’s side over Lann when prompted.
  • Daeren will get sick and leave.
  • Liotr will have another vision and be overwhelmed.
  • Liotr will tell you about the Other and ask you to keep it a secret.
  • Quest end.
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Everyone has their own deep dark secrets, and the Commander has just involuntarily uncovered one of them.

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