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PAYDAY 3 Gold & Sharke EASIER Loot Dropoff Point (Stealth only)

Getting all those bags through the ground floor lobby is to hard on stealth? Well, you should use this tactic!

PAYDAY 3 Gold & Sharke EASIER Loot Dropoff Point (Stealth only)


What you “could” do in advance:

The following is just a recommendation. It also works without these preparations – however – it will be much easier/faster to secure bags if you kill certain guards in advance:

  • Find the roof. In the “lobby” of the large bank vault (where you will find the security room), there are staircases on both sides that lead to the roof if you follow them all the way to the top.
  • Kill the guard(s) on the roof, IF they spawn on your chosen difficulty level.
  • Find the garage. The garage is downstairs. In the lobby (ground floor) you will find golden signs which lead you to the garage entrance. Follow the stairs down and you will find it.
  • Kill the guard(s) which are roaming in the garage. Depending on which difficulty level has been chosen, the number of guards may vary. Not all of them have to be eliminated, only the guard(s) who are/is near this exit:

    "Gold & Sharke" EASIER Loot Dropoff Point [Stealth only]
    I have tested this method on “Very Hard”, so I’ve encountered 2 guards in the garage basement.

  • Secure every civilian and take them hostage (or kill them, your choice) in the garage basement. There are 2-3 down there most of the time. You will find them, they are not hard to spot.
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What you need to do in advance:
  • Get all of the lootbags upstairs to the roof. Collect them near this corner:
    "Gold & Sharke" EASIER Loot Dropoff Point [Stealth only]

Why near this corner in particular?

Well, because there is an invisible wall right of it [out of sight in this screenshot]. You are not able to throw bags from particular sides of the roof down to the street. This side works fine though.


Lets get to it:
  • Throw the bags from the roof down to the garage street.

    I recommend using the balconies as a point of reference [marked green] and throw the bags down there:

    "Gold & Sharke" EASIER Loot Dropoff Point [Stealth only]
    (the red marking shown on the screenshot is where the invisible wall disappears and you are able to throw down bags from there)

  • They will land estimated approximately around here:

    "Gold & Sharke" EASIER Loot Dropoff Point [Stealth only]
    Yes, there are – sometimes – civilians there. However, they do not spot the bags as something dangerous or intriguing and – much importantly – they won’t call the police!
    (As far as I know, maybe – just maybe – the bags are out of sight for them? However, I tested a little bit and they don’t really care about them)

    "Gold & Sharke" EASIER Loot Dropoff Point [Stealth only]

  • Lastly, secure the bags into the van and escape.
Written by Vazeyo

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