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PAYDAY 3 Secured Loot Value

PAYDAY 3 Secured Loot Value

A list of all the values of Secured Loot for Payday 3. The values are Overkill difficulty only and I may add earlier difficulties if demand calls for it.

This guide was created to figure the value of the loot you’re securing. There was a lot discovered while making this so I’ll share a bit of that information here.

Very specifically here this is all the loot that can be bagged an secured. None of this includes the loose cash. Loose cash seems to have hidden decimal values which make it difficult without data mining their values.

Loot value is determined by how the Heist is ended. If you end in Loud (After Assault) certain loot can change value. Same if you end in Stealth (Before Assault). It doesn’t matter when the loot is turned in, just how the heist ends to determine the value. It is unique per heist which is more valuable and you’ll see that down below.

To figure how if you are in stealth or loud, it is based on if you’re given the notification of the “Alarm has been set off”. You do not actually need to wait for the real assault wave to show up to count loud. If you’re not out of the mission by the alarm sounding off, then you’re loud. Otherwise you’ll be in stealth for as long as the alarm doesn’t sound.

Loot value is very consistent. This guide is specifically for Overkill difficulty.

When making this guide it was not possible to determine if there was a “Heist Payment” for completing the Heist. So if that value exists, then it’ll be added to the loot required to turn in as you can not obtain that value without securing the loot anyways.

I have also been spending time figuring which Heists are best for Money Per Minute, however as I got better at running this the time varied heavily based on team or solo and how well we handled the situation. For example, Under the Surphaze is possibly the best Money Per Minute if you have a team of four that can rush and grab everything in loud.

A lot of heists also have great value of being stealthed then loud at the last second to maximize money since turning in stealth and going loud to gain the loud values on the secured bags.

No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked [Overkill Difficulty]

Plastic Money refers to the money wrapped in plastic and trapped with Ink. Deposit money refers to the large money bundles found in the deposit boxes. If the money gets damaged by ink, it loses 50% value. I was able to confirm that through stealth, I did not check if it is consistent with loud yet. Until then I will assume its 50% for the purpose of finishing this guide.

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Plastic Money$56,100$61,2008$448,800$489,600
Deposit Money$1,700$1,7002$3,400$3,400

Road Rage

Road Rage [Overkill Difficulty]

There is no stealth for this mission.

LootLoudQuantityMax Loud Value
Rare Element$136,0006$816,000

Dirty Ice

Dirty Ice [Overkill Difficulty]

There are two types of Jewelry in this heist. The Vip Jewelry is in the back locked behind the QR door. The rest of the Jewelry can be bagged up from the front. Cleaning these items requires 30 seconds in the machine for each one! So it can be time consuming even if you’re doing it efficiently to clean all bags. The Rare Stone can not be cleaned. The value between cleaning will be labeled as Cleaned or Dirty respectively.

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Front Jewelry (Cleaned)$25,500$20,4008$204,000$163,200
Front Jewelry (Dirty)$11,900$10,2008$95,200$81,600
VIP Jewelry (Cleaned)$42,500$34,0005$212,500$170,000
VIP Jewelry (Dirty)$22,100$20,4005$110,500$102,000
Rare Stone$68,000$68,0001$68,000$68,000

Rock the Cradle

Rock the Cradle [Overkill Difficulty]

This heist has a lot of loot and there are only 4 different categories. Even if the item may look different, it still maintains the same value as the others. So the five paintings are all the same value even if one is specifically locked away and looks different. It is extremely valuable to loot everything in stealth, then let the alarm sound and exit via the helicopter. You simply shoot out the glass roof and hold a hostage and it’ll come before the final charge can get to you. This will increase your value of money by $377,400

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Crypto Wallet$425,000$340,0001$425,000$340,000

Under the Surphaze

Under the Surphaze [Overkill Difficulty]

Though this heist has a lot of artwork and statues. There are only two types of main loot. Objective Artwork and Optional Artwork. The secret painting also has a value, I’ll include it but it won’t be added to the total. Picking the incorrect painting reduces the value by 50% similar to ink packs of No Rest for the Wicked.

As an extra note there may be a bug where you see missing loot even if you collected the secret painting. I believe this may have to do with bringing a Zipline to the heist which adds loot that was never turned it. It shouldn’t affect any challenges or achievements regarding all loot. Its just a visual glitch. There is only 20 lootable items normally, 21 with secret painting.

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Artwork (Objective)$255,000$170,0004$1,020,000$680,000
Optional Loot$26,350$26,35016$421,600$421,600

Secret Painting

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Secret Painting$17,000$17,0001$17,000$17,000

Gold & Sharke

Gold & Sharke [Overkill Difficulty]

There are two types of stacks of money. We’ll call them Half Stack and Full Stack. They have a visual difference and they do provide a difference in both objective completion and value. The server itself doesn’t count towards the objective percent but is required to turn in.

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Money (Half Stack)$68,000$85,0007$476,000$595,000
Money (Full Stack)$119,000$127,5005$595,000$637,500

99 Boxes

99 Boxes [Overkill Difficulty]

This was the heist that got me to dig into this information because I felt I was being paid too much for a fully degraded prototype. So the Prototype has 3 tiers depending on how fast you turn it in. A Grade is the highest value. B grade being second phase. and D grade for when its fully degraded. I will show the values in their own charts so you can plan your route for reward.

Prototype D Grade

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Prototype D Grade$340,000$255,0002$680,000$510,000

Prototype B Grade

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Prototype B Grade$425,000$340,0002$850,000$680,000

Prototype A Grade

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Prototype A Grade$501,500$416,5002$1,003,000$833,000

Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky [Overkill Difficulty]

This heist was interesting. The jewelry has one unique item that has a vastly different look but unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything. All the jewelry is counted the same. However the money, similar to Gold & Sharke, does have different value. They’ll be named the same as Half Stack and Full stack for their size respectively.

LootStealthLoudQuantityMax Stealth ValueMax Loud Value
Money (Half Stack)$102,000$68,0001$102,000$68,000
Money (Full Stack)$170,000$127,5001$170,000$127,500
Written by TydeTyme

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