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PAYDAY 3 Weapon Damage and AP Values

Notes for weapon damage and AP values.

PAYDAY 3 Weapon Damage and AP Values


NameDamageAP PercentageHeadshot Multiplier
Reinfeld 88025(7)05.0
FIK PC932.50.252.0
Northwest B-9280.255.0
SA A144500.85.0
Ziv Commando3002.0
Mosconi 12 Classic50(7)05.0
Reinfeld 900S129.850.83.0
SG Compact-7240.752.0


NameDamageAP PercentageHeadshot Multiplier
Signature 405005.0
J&M Castigo .44900.53.0
Stryk 74405.0
SP Model 118005.0
Signature 4035005.0
Sforza Bison650.753.0


  • Enemy armor absorbs damage on any part you hit and does NOT have Headshot damage multiplier. AP damage are calculated separately based on AP value and applies headshot damage multiplier if it was a headshot. For reference, a weapon dealing 50 damage with 0.5 AP will deal 50 Damage on armor and 25 damage on health.
  • Armor absorbs last hit before breaking. Overflowing armor damage does not transfer to health/AP damage.
  • Most weapons with 0 AP value does NOT increase Armor Penetration(+0.1 AP) from Cutting Shot skill. Only exceptions are (SP Model 11) and (Mosconi 12 Classic).
  • Shielder ignores 0.5 AP from damage source before AP is calculated, Dozer ignores AP completely.
  • SWAT base at 150HP, Light units 70AP and heavy units 170AP.
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