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Perky Little Things Pirates of the Southern Seas Walkthrough

Pirates of the Southern Seas

Finding Items

  • 1. Pistol – In the room with the organ on the top right. Under the green sea creature.
  • 2. Cutlass – Bottom left corner of the map, in a room with the blacksmith.
  • 3. Where all crows go – In the bottom left corner of the map, near rock with X.
  • 4. Woodcutter – On the small island leaning on the palm tree, bottom left corner.
  • 5. Gunpowder – On the pirate ship, near the cannons.
  • 6. T.wat hair brush – Right under the cannons, near the cauldron.
  • 7. Trident – In the water, statue holding it, middle of the map.
  • 8. Shark bait – On the bottom right corner, on the island. can be found on the table.
  • 9. Small hey – On the bottom right corner, on the island below the table.
  • 10. Hampen halter – Hanging on the wall of the left ship, below cannons.
  • 11. Coconut oil – Small island in the right corner, second floor 2 girls and 1 guy.
  • Refer to the Using Items section below to continue
  • 12. Cursed coin – After using the gunpowder to blow up the door, pick it up from the chest.
  • 13. Bucaneer xo – Can be found only after opening the safe using the where all crows go. it will be nearby.
  • 14. Hook – Can only be picked up after using the coconut oil on the pirate.
  • 15. Spyglass – Can only be found after using the bucaneer xo on the pirates that used the spyglass.

Using Items

  • Pistol – On the back of the ship, one person shooting the rifle and another a pistol
  • Cutlass – On deck of ship, pirate and person dueling
  • Where all crows go – On the right of the pirate ship, two pirates trying to open a safe.
  • Woodcutter -Give it to the pirate with the golden hook standing on the island on the lower left corner.
  • Gunpowder – In the left ship, two pirates standing and one is holding a fuse. Middle row. After blowing it up it should reveal the Cursed Coin
  • T.wat hair brush – Use it on the pirate with the red shirt on the left, he’s pointing at the wanted poster
  • Trident – Use it on the octopus in the top right.
  • Shark bait -Give it to the shark trying to eat the pirate in the water on the right.
  • Small key – Use it on the birdcage on the left ship, below the cannons. The guy is sitting with a cover over the bird cage.
  • Hampen halter – Give it to the man and near the turtle on the right island.
  • Coconut oil -Use it on the pirate in the pirate ship, the one that escaped the shark before (bottom right corner) Should reveal the Hook.
  • Cursed coin – Use it on the skeleton in the bottom left corner, in the cave with the girl and chest.
  • Bucaneer xo – Use it on the pirates looking through the spyglass, on top of the ship on the left. Should reveal the Spyglass.
  • Hook – Use it on the mermaid sitting on the rock in the middle of the sea.
  • Spyglass – Use it on the girl sitting on the crates, in the bottom left corner of the pirate ship

Treasure Island
Hoist the sails!

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