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Persona 4 Golden Mysterious Fox Quest Guide (Hermit Social Link)

These are quests tied around the Hermit Social Link. Unlike most of the other Social Links that require spending time with a character, these require short side quests. These are tied into the other Side Quests. They do not take time to accept, but take time to turn in as this is the Spend Time part of the social link.

Mysterious Fox Quest Guide

All of these quests will relate to Hermit Social Link.

The Obtain portion of the quest here will refer to who you need to talk to after getting the quest from Mysterious Fox. In addition, the only seeming requirements for these quests is that you are at the appropriate rank, so I’m going to assume that, since you simply have to talk to Mysterious Fox to get the quest, anyone reading this guide will have the quests or easily know how to get them, as they are quite simple to obtain.

Quest 07: I Wish For Love:
Obtain: Girl in school lobby by shoe lockers

  • To complete: Only one step can be done per day. Step one: talk to the girl by shoe lockers. Next, talk to the girl across classroom 2-2 and choose the first dialogue option when asked to advise her. Third, talk to her again. And then return to the shrine to rank up.

Quest 08: I Wish I Didn’t Crave Snacks:
Obtain: Slim Lady in Shopping District

  • To complete: Go to Shopping District and talk to Slim Lady. Later, talk to Chie when available and select Ask Chie to get Meat Gum. Take the gum to the Slim Lady, and return to the shrine to rank up.

Quest 09: We Wish Our Dog Would Return:
Obtain: Dog at Floodplain

  • To complete: This takes a few days. Go to Floodplain and talk to the dog. Another day, go to the North Shopping District, talk to the dog, and select “Talk to it gently.” Next, head to the Floodplain, talk to the dog, and select “Talk to it gently” again. Lastly, bring a Steak Skewer (purchased at the store in North Shopping District, NOT AIYA) to the Floodplain and talk to the dog.

Quest 10: I Wish I Had Friends:
Obtain: Boy by signs in Floodplain

  • To complete: Talk to boy by signs in Floodplain and give him a Prize Sticker (obtained by ordering from Tanaka’s home shopping TV program.) Another day, return to the same place and talk to the boy. That evening, talk to Nanako and choose “Ask Nanako About Stickers” and then “Thank You.” She gives you a sticker that you can give to the boy in the Floodplain another day. Another day after that, talk to the boy again to complete the quest.

Quest 11: I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again:
Obtain: Man by Hobby Shop in North Shopping District. The hobby shop is on the left side of the screen, past the steak place but slightly before the Shrine.

  • To complete: By the Hobby Shop talk to the man during a sunny or cloudy day, agreeing to complete the model for him. The table in your room can be used to complete the model. It takes 4 nights. Take the model back to the guy at the Hobby Shop to complete the quest.

Quest 12: I Wish I Was Better at Speaking:
Obtain: Girl on High School roof

  • To complete: On a non-rainy day, talk to the girl with Rank 3 Understanding and Courage. Talk to her again saying “Do you need help speaking?” and “Give her lessons.” The next day, talk to her again and respond with “Apologize to her” and complete the quest.

Quest 13: I Wish I Didn’t Fear Cats:
Obtain: Man in Floodplain.

  • To complete: On a non-raining day, talk to the man at the Flood Plain and ask “Is it a cat?” The next response doesn’t matter. Go to Residence (the outside, NOT Home) and talk to the cat. Choose to bring the man to see the cat. The next day, talk to him again on the flood plain. You need a Red Goldfish. After fulfilling that, talk to him the next day to finish.

Quest 14: I Wish My Wallet Would Return:
Obtain: Woman by garbage can in Flood Plain

  • To complete: Non-rainy day, talk to the woman. Search by sign in the river portion of Flood Plain at the bottom of the stairs. There should be a prompt to search the bushes when you get by the sign. You get the Round Wallet which you need to take back to the woman. After she doesn’t take it you need to go the telephone pole in the Shopping District (by the shrine) and look around the ground. When you get near, you should get another prompt for the bushes. You will get another wallet, which you need to take to the woman.

Quest 15: I Wish to See the Samegawa’s Guardian:
Obtain: Old guy at the riverbank in Samegawa Flood Plain (The one who talks to you about fishing.)

  • To complete: Get a Huge Fish and go to the old guy. Ask about the Guardian and agree to catch it. You get a special fishing set. You can only catch the Guardian under one or two specific times: either during rainy weather or any day in December.

Just in case there are any doubts, I will let you a YouTube video (which is not mine) where you can see the whole fox social links with the respective quests.

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