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Phantom Brigade Upgrade Guide: Workshop, Reactor, Movement, and Unit Bay

Base upgrades are split into Workshop, Reactor, Movement, and Unit Bay upgrades.

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Phantom Brigade Upgrade Guide

Some of these upgrades are essential for improving your effectiveness; others come with massive downsides that make them almost universally bad picks.

General FAQ

I strongly recommend prioritizing the fourth unit bay, then overdrive and stealth, then getting the ability to build rare items, and then slowly filling out the rest of your mobility upgrades. I don’t recommend getting any of the upgrades with negative effects, especially the unit bays after number 4.

Workshop Upgrades

General FAQ

Not much to say here. None of the upgrades have any bad side effects. The most important ones to get are Advanced and Experimental Assembly, letting you build uncommon and rare parts respectively. Radio Uplink lets you call in Home Guard reinforcements for a laugh or two.

Reactor Upgrades

General FAQ

Reactor upgrades are pretty simple and self-explanatory. However, the big one in the centre– Expanded Reactor– comes with the huge downside of making you more visible to enemies (30%! It’s huge!). This means that sneaking up on convoys will be even more difficult.

For that reason I avoid this upgrade, even though the upgrades after it are very useful and don’t come with any downsides. So the only upgrade in the Reactor tree I build is the very first one, Unlocked Reactor.

That said, when fully upgraded, Overdrive actually makes you less detectable than cruise mode, and combined with this reactor upgrade, leaves you at 80% enemy vision in overdrive and 130% in cruise. Without this upgrade, you would be at 50% in overdrive and 100% in cruise.

Worth it? That’ll be up to you.

Mobility Upgrades

There’s too many upgrades to fit into a single screen, so I’ll just give you the rundown.

Overdrive and Stealth are excellent and will become core parts of your strategy. Pick them up when you can.

Only one upgrade comes with a significant downside: Cruise Speed, ironically enough. You might think that being able to move faster negates the penalty to vision, but that’s not all. The increase in enemy vision can make the difference being able to slip between bases or having to switch to stealth to do so.

All the other upgrades come with no downsides and should be eventually picked up.

Unit Bay Upgrades

Don’t get “Expanded Storage”. You can only deploy 4 units per battle, and the penalty to movement speed is just too rough to be worth it.

That just leaves you with Optimized Storage and Accelerated Repair, which are good enough on their own.

I’d like to upload a picture but I can’t seem to do so, so oh well.

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