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Phantom Doctrine – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Just some tips and tricks i have picked up along the way.

Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure you take weapons with you that your agents are trained in as this can be very useful if you get into a firefight.

Also specialising in pistols and revolvers allows you to mod them with a silencer (a pretty common pickup from loot stashes in missions)

2. Try and train a few agents with the Paramedic ability. It is very useful when trying to escape with unconcious enemy agents.

3. If you are going into a room try and make sure you only use one movement point. Make sure you have peeked through a doorway or ordered a spotter to check the room first to make sure it is empty. If need be you can find a hiding space to wait out the next turn. This is especially important with rooms that have windows and patrolling guards outside.

4. Talking of guards. You can get away with knocking out one guard (make sure you hide the body). Any more that that and the enemy will get suspicious. Radio protocol is a thing people.

5. Make full use of the infiltration phase. Split your team up and do a perimiter sweep of the grounds so you can spot loot caches and most importantly CCTV controls. Preperation is everything.
Later on make sure to spread your agents around the globe. It is VERY handy if you have had time to do a tactical recon and can place spotters.

6. If you do get into a firefight try and put your team in high positions and flank the enemy. Use the different modes like supression and headshots to tip things in your favour. Never leave home without some Frag grenades and Flashbangs !

7. When you are fairly sure that you are three or four moves away from finishing the mission order your exfil. Nobody wants to be standing about for three turns once things go sideways as it is pretty much guaranteed to turn into a `Fish in Barrel` situation. Sure there is a chance your evac will be compromised, but it beats getting shot to peices.

8.Ladders are your friends. Who needs the silly ol’ stairs when you can scoot up onto a balcony and recon the higher floors.

9. Watch your route marker ! You wouldn’t want to accidentally crash through a window in front of a guard, stumble into a restricted zone and back out to a safe zone now would you. Not that I would ever do that.. ahem

10. Rotate your strike teams composition. Keeping everyone levelled up is way better than having a handful of Super Agents who then end up hospitalized!

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