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Phasmophobia Maps (with Room Names, Locations)

Phasmophobia Maps

I’m creating some Phasmophobia maps for your second screen and people that use the Steam overlay.

What I’m trying to do is to get all the room names that are shown when you place down a sound sensor in a room.

In some maps the shown room names are bugged (like on High School) or 3 rooms have the same name. I tried to fix those names by changing them to make more sense or adding a description in brackets.

I want to keep the maps as clean and as dark as possible without losing too much information.

I wanted to create some maps for Phasmophobia because I was missing the feature to have an in game map as a player who is not in the truck.

Now I want to share them with you.

Additional information:
I got the room names with the sound sensor. If you place one down you can see the name of the room in the truck. The names are also the one that the Quija Board will give you as a response when you ask for the ghosts location.

For some rooms I added an additional room name in brackets.


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Brownstone High School

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I rotated the map by 180°.

Bugs in game which I fixed on my map:

  • Some classrooms (CR) have the same number as the CR below them.
  • 2nd Floor is called 1st Floor.
  • There is a second CR 8, which I renamed to CR 18 because 18 was missing.
  • On the second floor the in game map shows the two big halls as separate rooms which is false.


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Ridgeview Road House

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Grafton Farmhouse

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Bleasdale Farmhouse

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Edgefield Street House

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It’s end. I hope “Phasmophobia Maps” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

Written by TomMaverick

13 thoughts on “Phasmophobia Maps (with Room Names, Locations)”

  1. Heyhow.
    By the Brownstone High School.
    It is correct that the upper floor called 1st floor. Because the floor on ground level is called in some country “Groundfloor” and the following floor is 1st floor than. So its not a bug.

    But all over all its, you did a great job with the maps.

  2. I just found a Ouija Board in Science CR 3 (Lab) !
    Asked “Where are you” 3 times, lights flickered each time
    Asked “What’s your favorite room” = Hunt + Spelling “Library”

  3. Hi Tom,
    I love the maps! Would it be ok if I include them in my Phasmophobia app that I plan on releasing soon? Of course I’d give you credit in there.
    Also, are you planning to make a similar map for the prison map that just came out?


  4. I found the Ouija board in the Road House. It was upstairs in the hallway closet between the teen boy and girl bedrooms.

  5. This one means absolutely nothing for the game, but on Road House when you go up the stairs, on the little nightstand in the hallway there’s a key hiding under the magazine.

  6. This is great! It’s been really helpful.
    For Edgefield Street House, you have two bedrooms labelled “Boys Teen Bedroom”, so it might be worth putting a number on one of them. That map can also have a circuit breaker in the garage.

  7. Asylum map is no longer current, the light switches and cameras have been moved, since before your lstest post.

  8. I’m working on an iOS app for phasmophobia that has a map browser. Would I be able to use these maps in my app? The app is under the open source MIT license and will never be monetized, it’s purely free and for community support.

  9. this has been helpful telling people where to find an easteregg but the floors in highschool is not a bug lol ground floor is ground floor and the next floor up is floor 1, you dont count it as ground, 2, 3. its ground, 1, 2, 3

  10. Great job on these map! While I don’t have the game myself, I have spent a lot of time watching the JITS crew play it and I have been dying to make some Sims 4 Haunted House builds. These maps you’ve made are probably the best out there and I really appreciated them!


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