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Phoenix Point Infiltrator Build Guide

Classes in Phoenix Point are known as “Soldier Classes”. There are a total of seven soldier classes in the game. At the start of the game, you will only be able to pick from the first three. The remaining four classes can be accessed later on at higher levels.

Each soldier class has seven levels and each level has a new skill or perks in it. Leveling requires you to upgrade a class skill. The following class skills allow your soldier class to level up one level at a time.

  • Strength – Increase HP and the carrying capacity.
  • Speed – Grants the ability to move further with existing action points.
  • Willpower – It can be used to provide higher defense against psychic and obtain special abilities.

You’ll start the game with three classes mentioned above which are Assaults, Heavies and Snipers. At Level 4 of any soldier class, you acquire the ability to assign another class. Although this sounds pretty sweet it will cost you 50 skill points. So basically you will have to sacrifice a lot of your skill points for this. But don’t worry as your skill points won’t go to waste and it’ll be worth the skill points later on.

Infiltrator Build Guide

It’s a class that centers on stealth and subterfuge. That sounds fun but it’s a lot more difficult than you’d expect. This class requires a lot of work, and finding situations where you can show off the class’s full potential can be more challenging than what it’s worth.

The best thing about the Infiltrator is the stealth factor. They’re naturally sneaky, and their true power comes with their first shot.

However, this is not a class that’ll prove to be useful from the get go. They also don’t have the best weapons; the Crossbows simply don’t hold a candle to Sniper or even Assault Rifles.

But in terms of what works, the Infiltrator Armor is sturdy and heavily beneficial.

Level Description
1-Infiltrator Training Proficiency with Crossbows and Spider-Drone deployment. The baseline stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn’t revealed.
2-Surprise Attack Attacks from behind gain shock value equal to 3 times the damage dealt.
3-Deploy  Decoy Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location. The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies
4-New Class Choose a secondary class to train in.
5-Spider Drone Pack Deploy 3 Spider Drones with one action.
6-Vanish Move within 5 tiles and disappear from view for the next turn – or until spotted.
7-Sneak Attack Damage dealt while not spotted is increased by 100%.

Strength is wasted on the Infiltrator Class, so how about spending all your Skill Points on Willpower and Speed instead? They’re likely to get you the benefits you so desire.

As far as multi-classing goes, there’s no better option than the Sniper Class.

Having a Sniper with the subtlety and stealth capabilities of an Infiltrator – there could not be a better match.

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