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Phoenix Point Technician Build Guide

Classes in Phoenix Point are known as “Soldier Classes”. There are a total of seven soldier classes in the game. At the start of the game, you will only be able to pick from the first three. The remaining four classes can be accessed later on at higher levels.

Each soldier class has seven levels and each level has a new skill or perks in it. Leveling requires you to upgrade a class skill. The following class skills allow your soldier class to level up one level at a time.

  • Strength – Increase HP and the carrying capacity.
  • Speed – Grants the ability to move further with existing action points.
  • Willpower – It can be used to provide higher defense against psychic and obtain special abilities.

You’ll start the game with three classes mentioned above which are Assaults, Heavies and Snipers. At Level 4 of any soldier class, you acquire the ability to assign another class. Although this sounds pretty sweet it will cost you 50 skill points. So basically you will have to sacrifice a lot of your skill points for this. But don’t worry as your skill points won’t go to waste and it’ll be worth the skill points later on.

Technician Build Guide

The Technician is the first of the Specialist classes. This soldier is essentially your support/medic unit.

Its greatest strength is its automated turrets, which make for excellent cannon fodder.

Leveling up the Technician has the benefit of increasing the survivability chances of your whole Squad; definitely worth getting.

If you get the Technician up to level 7, that +20 temporary Armor to each ally can be a literal life-saver.

They have a multitude of unique abilities, all of which are capable of raising your chances of surviving the harsh realities of the battlefield.

Level Description
1-Technician Training Proficiency with PDWs, Robotic Arms, and Turret Deployment.
2-Fast Use The Action Point cost of Medkits, Stimpacks, and Robotic Arm abilities is reduced by 1
3-Manual Control Take manual control of a turret or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target.
4- New Class Choose a secondary class to train in.
5- Field Medic Restore 10 Hit Points and 10 Armor to all body parts of the selected target. Disabled body parts are restored.
6-Remote Deployment Turrets can be thrown and deployed for 1 Action Point.
7-Electric Reinforcement All allies gain 20 temporary Armor for 1 turn.

To aid the Technician, having greater Willpower wouldn’t be too bad, especially when it helps him in acquiring and buffing unique Abilities.

Now, as far as multi-classing goes, we’d recommend you go for the Assault Class.

Dash is just too useful in terms of running around healing up your squad, and always being in the right place at the right time.

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