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Plan B: Terraform All Crafted Items & Resources Break Down List

Full list of all crafted items and resources break down in Plan B: Terraform.

All Crafted Items & Resources Break Down List

Below will be a full listing of every resource and crafted item in the game at time of Writing and what is used to craft them.. This is to aid those who wish to plan out builds in advance. Given time i maybe able to add Build ratios if that is something people want.

Game is still Early Alpha so things are Subject To change.

Obviously spoiler ahead if you havn’t played through the game to unlock all these building types

Raw Resources

Table of raw resources and where to find them.

RawBuildingCity Waste
Aluminum OreGroundNo
WaterIce Extractor, Water PumpNo
NitrogenIce ExtractorNo
CarbonAtmospheric ExtractorNo
OxygenAtmospheric ExtractorNo
Metal WasteWaste DisposalYes
Plastic WasteWaste DisposalYes
Organic WasteWaste disposalYes

Used or Crafted Items Directly from Raw

Items that can be made directly with Only raw materials

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ItemRaw ResourceRaw ResourceBuildingCity Demand
SF6 Gas x1Sulfur x1Fluorite x1Greenhouse Gas GeneratorNo
NF3 Gas x1Nitrogen x1Fluorite x1Greenhouse Gas GeneratorNo
Steel bar x1Iron x3FactoryNo
Concrete x1Sulfur x3FactoryYes
Aluminum Bar x1Aluminum Ore x2FactoryNo
Polmer Bar x1Carbon x3FactoryNo
CompostCarbon xNitrogen X1FactoryNo
Pine TreeCarbon x3Water x3Assembly PlantNo
Eucalyptus TreeCarbon x3Water x3Assembly PlantNo

The following raw products are City Waste and handled diffrently to the rest.

Metal x3Steel Bar x2Aluminum Bar x1Recycling Center
Plastic x3Polymer Bar x1Recycling Center
Organic x5Nitrogen x1Compost x1Recycling Center

Crafted Items requiring Previous Crafts

A few of these items require raw resources in addition to previously crafted Items


ItemResourcesResourcesBuildingCity Demand
Food x2Compost x1Water x4GreenhouseYes
Machanical Parts x1Steel x1FactoryNo
Reinforced Concrete x1Steel bat x1Concrete x1FactoryYes
Tempered Steel x1Steel bar x1Nitrogen x1FactoryNo
Hightech Parts x3Aluminum Bar x2Polymer Bar x1FactoryYes
Composite x1Polymer bar x1Tempered Steel x1FactoryYes


All Buildings are made in an Assembly Plant. Your going to want a lot of most of these but remember where you built them as resources start to out or you notice your in the 1000s of something you don’t use.

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ExtractorSteel Bar x3
FactoryMechanical Parts x3
Assembly PlantMechanical Parts x3
Supply CenterConcrete x4
Waste DisposalConcrete x1
Recycling CenterConcrete x1Hightech Parts x1
GreenhouseSteel Bar x2Polymer Bar x3
Pumping StationReinforced Concrete x2Hightech Parts x1
Ice ExtractorReinforced Concrete x2Mechanical Parts x2
Atmospheric ExtractorMechanical Parts x3Aluminum Bar x1
Depot MK1Steel Bar x3
Depot MK2Aluminum Bar x1Polymer Bar x1
Depot MK3Composite x2
Greenhouse Gas GeneratorMechanical Parts x3Hightech Parts x1
Dam ElementReinforced Concrete x2
Landmark TowerConcrete x3

Transport Crafting

We have to move these resources about and where depot hopping isn’t viable or fast enough we have to craft other ways to move our goods.

All transport options are build in the Assembly Plant.

RoadConcrete x1
Road StopConcrete x2
TruckMechanical Parts x2
RailConcrete x1Steel Bar x1
Rail StopConcrete x1Steel Bar x1
TrainMechanical Parts x4Hightech Parts x4

Thats It

So thats its if you got this far, i hope it was helpful.
All info was taken from a completed save by hand on the first early access version and thus may not remain accurate as the game Evolves.

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Written by Omniconda

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