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Planet Coaster: Shops and Facilities Pricing Guide

This guide shows you how to make more money with shops.

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Set all the extras in your food and drink shops to “A lot”. This attracts guests like props do for rides.

I do not add a price to ATMs because you want as many people to use the atms as possible so they will spend more money in your park. Guest will only buy gifts and use ATMs if they are happy.

To keep your shop keepers happy increase their pay by $15 as soon as you place the shop.
Increase shopkeepers pay by $10 each time you train them. Dont over train your shopkeepers or they will get bored and quit.

Location of shops matters so if you are having a problem getting people to buy, try moving the shop to a more populated area.

Missy Goods doesn’t tend to do well anywhere but seems to do slightly better when next to a Street Fox Coffee.

Grouping up different types of shops can help them all to do better (ie Chief Beef, Gulpee Soda, Restroom, and a gift shop).

Shops and Facilities Pricing Table


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