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PlanetSide 2 Redeem Codes (April 2024)

In this guide I will share some codes that you can use to earn free stuff on PlanetSide 2. All of these codes are working for now, but I’m sure some codes will expire over time, so turn PlanetSide 2 redeem codes into in-game rewards right now.

Updated on March 30, 2024 - We checked new codes.

Active PlanetSide 2 Redeem Codes

  • LEGACY2022 – NS-11C Carbine and the NS Harrower Knife
  • SURF2022 – The UBR-300 Swordfish Weapon
  • EXTRALIFE2022 – The ExtraLife Bundle: Giving The Benefactor Helmet!
  • 20yearsplanetside – The NSX-P TENGU
  • EXTRALIFE2021 – Helmet That Can Be Used For All Factions
  • NINEYEARSPS2 – A PlanetSide 2 Themed Decal
  • PS2Escalation – Platinum NS-11A Variant Assault Rifle For All Factions And Salvaged Platinum Compound Helmet (Can’t Be Used On NSO Characters)
  • PSUARMORDECAL – PSU Themed Armor Decal
  • PSUVEHICLEDECAL – PSU Themed Vehicles Decal
  • 5YEARSPS2 – 5th Anniversary Special PlanetSide 2 Decal For Vehicles And Armor
  • 6YEARSPS2 – 6th Anniversary Special PlanetSide 2 Decal For Vehicles And Armor As Well As NSX-P Naginata LMG Weapon
  • NSOPS2019 – NSX Tengu weapon
  • MLGREPORT – MLG Decal For Vehicles And Armor Along With A 50% Boost In XP And Resources For 1 Hour (Only Works for One Character)
  • PS2WelcomeBack – Platinum NSX Tanto weapon and platinum NS helmet

Expired codes

  • eqnvehicledecal – This unlocks account-wide (IE., all characters you have or create get access to it). It’s an Everquest decal, only for vehicles.

How to redeem PlanetSide 2 codes

There is 2 ways you can redeem these codes.

Method 1 – within the game

In game if you head over to the store page you should see redeem a code click on it and input the codes listed on this guide, make sure you input them as they are posted, any issues feel free to drop a comment!

If still not clear, follow step by step:

  • Pause the game.
  • On the bottom bar with loadout, map etc., click the icon with your faction’s logo (Depot)
  • Click “Redeem a Code” on the left
How to redeem PlanetSide 2 codes
  • Type a code below, then click “Redeem Now”
  • Profit!
PlanetSide 2 Redeem Codes

Method 2 – within the daybreak website

If the link above does not work – head over to the planetside 2 website, at the top it will display welcome (username) click the arrow next to it and press enter an activation code.

All currently active PlanetSide 2 codes consist of these. I’ll add new codes as they come in, and remove expired codes. You can save the page and check it from time to time to be notified of new codes. If any of the codes on our list have expired, you can let us know. Also, if there is an active and new code that is not included here, please share it with us and I will add it to the list!

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