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Pokemon Let’s Go – How to Get Pokeflute

Have a giant Pokemon blocking your way that can only be woken up so you can proceed forward? Well, you will need the Pokemon Let’s Go Pokeflute for that.

How to Get Pokeflute

As you naturally progress in the game, you will soon come across a location east of Vermillion City where Snorlax blocks the way forward.

There is no way to fight him away, so you will just need to acquire the special item: the Pokeflute.

Firstly, you will need to make a trip to the Game Corner in Celadon City. There you will take on your rivals and the leader of Team Rocket Hideout, Giovanni in a battle. Defeat them to receive the Silph Scope.

Next head to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. There proceed upstairs to initiate a sequence that will see the Pokemon Cubone flee to the Team Rocket Hideout on the top floor of the building.

You can follow to do the same, but a mysterious ghost will block your way. Using the scope, you will reveal the existence of multiple ghosts including a big one that appears as the Haunter Pokemon.

Soon, the baby Cubone will reunite with you guys only to be disheartened to know that the Haunter, now appearing as Cubone, is actually the spirit of the Cubone’s dead mother.

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Watch the emotional sequence and you will have solved the mystery.

Now head to the top floor, speak with Mr. Fuji there, and rescue him from the captivity at the hands of two members of the Rocket Team, Jessie and James.

Escort Mr. Fuji back to his residence near the base of the Pokemon Tower. At this point, he will award you with the Pokeflute for your troubles.

This will now help you wake up Snorlax to clear the path ahead so you can continue on your adventure.

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