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Population: One Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Some general tips to up your game.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Drop with your team! Half the battle in this game is getting two other team mates that are going to work with you. If one of your team mates is off at the other side of the map, not even launched yet or too busy climbing the tower in the middle they are doing it wrong… Don’t be that guy. Obviously this only applies if you are duo or solo and getting teamed up with randoms.
  • Learn ping commands they are vital for letting your team know what’s going on when
  • Learn to reload without looking at your guns and learn to reload fast it will save your bacon and net you more kills.
  • You can climb faster by letting go of the wall as you throw yourself upwards, you gain upward momentum but only if you don’t try to grip the wall as you go up. Use one hand to grip the wall then pull up sharply letting go at the right moment and then grabbing the wall again before you start falling. It takes practise and will help a lot. Using this method you can also climb one handed.
  • Keep your main hand close to your body and at a consistent location this will help with your aiming and help you get better muscle memory.
  • Tweak your weapon settings. This could be down to personal preference but I prefer Motion dampening at 100% and offhand influence set to 0%. This means all of your aiming is down to your dominant hand.
  • Keep on moving. If you are standing still you are an easy target, move while shooting but be unpredictable or they will just lead their shots ahead of you.
  • Getting good at two handing weapons will have you out shooting the one handed flailing monkeys with ease. It lowers the spread of your bullets and your recoil.
  • Some guns are better if you burst fire them and some full auto if you can manage the recoil. I’d say the assault rifles benefit from short bursts and the smgs full auto while trying to control the recoil
  • Use voice comms, communication is king.
  • Get the high ground. Seeing what is going on from above can help you plan your next move especially if you haven’t met any enemies yet. That’s not to say you should never start a fight on the ground though.
  • Learn when to hold back and when to push. If you can see that the enemy is weakened or has a man down you should push them to finish them off but also be aware of other squads pinning you in or having the same idea.
Written by NumbTongue

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