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Portal 2: Graphics Enhancement Commands

As we all know we all love good graphics. so i’ve wasted my life trying to find commands that would make the game look better to (maybe) you. I recommend experimenting with them so you can find what you like. Here’s all the commands and their description.

Graphics Enhancement Commands

r_bloomtintexponent | default = 2.2 |

this controls how sensitive the game is when picking what to use the bloom effect on. the higher is the less overbleed you will get with high amounts of bloomscale.

mat_bloomscale | default 1 |

makes glow. the higher this is is the more things will glow.

r_bloomtintr | default 0.3 |

i dont fully understand what this choses to change but it changes something so mess with these aswell.

r_bloomtintg | default 0.59 |

same as last

r_bloomtintb | default 0.11 |

same as bloomtintr

mat_vignette_enable | default 0 | binary option. 1 = true 0 = false

dunno how to explain this one. it kinda just adds a realistic shadow to the top of the screen thats about it.

mat_motion_blur_strength | default 1 |

blurs when you turn. the higher this is the blurier it is.

r_portal_use_dlights | default 0 |

binary option. makes portals glow and its pretty. may lag on some computers.

portal_draw_ghosting | default 1 |

binary option. this is the effect that lets you see where your portals are through walls.

crosshair | default 1 |

binary option. this just lets you turn off the aim helper thingy in the center of the screen. not much to put here.

Lights on crosshair on ghosting on bloomscale 5-10 exponent 30 motionblur 1 vignette off and don’t mess with the tints.

Written by Clantis

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