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Portal Dungeon Character Tier List

With 80+ hours in the game this is my constantly changing personal tier list.

Portal Dungeon Character Tier List

UPDATE 1.0 introduced a lot of changes and I have not yet updated according to that! I am working on it and will update soon.

Hello and welcome to my ever changing tierlist of the current characters in Portal Dungeon. Some I have played more and some less, I am open to change and gladly welcome comments, this list is far from finished! I’ll show my preferred skin in the the picture of each character. You can always check the picture for each character for a reminder of the skill logo. I want to emphasize that I am convinced a lot of the characters that I rank low have better uses in the hands of another player.

I do not necessarily think a character in the C tier for example is bad I still play these characters, but the competition is tough and you have to draw the line for tiers somewhere. With that said, I hope you enjoy.


Character tierlist



Character tierlist

The soldier is a versatile character he can be a great support with the Mechanical soldier or agent skin. He can also be a devastating damage dealer with either the jungle warrior skin or the Agent skin depending how you utilize it. To top it all of you can upgrade your 4th skill to automatically cast equipment which can be used in a variety of ways either for damage, support or both. The customization for this character is unrivaled and give a unique run each time, experiment to your hearts content. The agent skin is in my humble opinion the best skin in the game.

For this strategy play something with a short cooldown (for example the lightning wand 10 sec, blades 15 sec or the volleyboll 20sec) combined with something with a longer cooldown for pure damage you can grab the volleyboll and any damaging equipment for the 2nd slot. That way you will fire both your equipment every 10 seconds and that’s without upgrades! If you want more survivability you can grab the Health Potion or Superman Backpack (can’t be completely invulnerable tho as the turtle effect cannot stack). If you want to maximize your damage from basic attack a good combo is madness potion + opal for constant critical hits. If you are trying to act as a healer for your allies the Grotesque Octarina is a great asset. Volleyboll combined with any survivability is a great combo.

Regardless of your combination, go get yourself a carrot bazooka! This is the heart of any build.

Character tierlist

You get the idea. Feel free to use this https://tiermaker.com/create/portal-dungeon-equipment-564362 to help you keep track of the equipment if you are one for experimentation. This character is on top of the S-tier for a reason.


Character tierlist

Great platform sweeper skill with the large zombie army (4th skill), literally just press it and walk, they pack so much power. Air coverage is trickier, but if you can make use of the fart (1st skill) and utilize the bunny skin you should be set. The 3rd skill is good for survival combined with the 25%+ HP regenerate ability gives you a good survivability right from the start. Movement speed can be a issue at the start of the level, but if you keep it in mind when choosing relics and using your fart (1st skill) you will be alright. This character took me quite a lot of runs to get used to, but it was well worth the effort.


Character tierlist

A big AoE shout Skill with the 3rd skill, the 4th skill is a spinning boss slayer especially with the green potion equipment, altho i tend to use the health potion. 2nd skill performs a vertical jump which is great for mobility. As well as being able to send a flying axe (1st skill) in a straight line to clear out enemies in all directions. The 20% block chance ability is doing wonders for his survivability. This character got so many assets and makes you use all of the skills. The skin increase the 3rd skill’s power which can clear the entire screen of normal mobs, however with this character i believe all skins are useful in their own right depending on your playstyle.



Character tierlist

The assassin is one of the best at escaping exploding monsters and sticky situations with his 3rd skill. Personally I use a variety of skins, and can’t decide on just one, the skin you see is the one which increase damage to bleeding enemies. If you get a “nail,” it has a 10% chance to cause bleeding, it drops frequently, and that way you don’t have to pick the tier trait that bleeds when you use your 4th skill. The 4th skill also leave room for experimentention on the upgrades. One of the best relics for this character is the mythical cat relic, great damage output on a skill based build. This character just feels cool and always got something in his arsenal to utilize that packs a punch.


Character tierlist

The Berserker benefits from actively using skills in combination. The 4th skill is key as it increases all damage output. Combining it with the other skills can make for a steam-roller of a run. This character is harder than most, but charging up those bleeding effects and unleashing the shout while having the 4th skill activated is a good feeling and makes for a more player active round.
Combined with a beneficial skin and the needle relic you can do some devastating damage. Damage aside, the berserker’s 2nd skill is a great lifesaver while simultaneously allowing for a lot of shortcuts. Being able to “teleport” through platforms in whatever direction you please is amazing.

Jack the swordsman

Character tierlist

Boy do I love this 4th skill, covering half the screen with the range upgrade. Only downside is the charge time, luckily you got other good skills to utilize when you wait for the charge such as sending a tornado (1st skill) capable of clearing entire platforms. Increasing whatever stat you chose to upgrade (3rd skill) and spawning a orb dealing damage at the same location repeatedly (2nd skill). This is to me one of the most fun character to play. His ability is unique and will give you a higher damage output which is always nice. You can also make him a glass cannon with the Cursed Swordsman skin. Here’s a preview of his power on hard with the mobs health set to +200%HP:


Character tierlist

Oh the clown… this character is so much fun, the random elements just make this character a blast to play. The 4th skill, is a true asset as it let’s the clown spawn in a random box. The content is always beneficial, but situational. If it contains a boss/tentacles, great that means loads of money. The clown juggles the balls combined with the first skill to unleash great damage with the dinosaur skin. If you take your time to learn the character, I am sure the clown can reach even greater heights. The ability is also great, if you look at a lot of other abilities they give a boost that can also be obtained through a relic, that’s not the case here. This ability is unique and makes for a great addition to any run and it’s always fun when you find the hidden gift in levels.

Old Dad

Character tierlist

Old Dad, a fun character to play. The dad mode (3rd skill) is essential for the way I play this character. Upgrading the 3rd skill to get rid of the restricted usage is so good, combine this with the 1st, 2nd skill and your main attack to unleash massive damage in synergy. Swords will fly everywhere and you will blaze through the map feeling unstoppable. Throw in the 4th skill occasionally to top it all of, one of the few downsides with this character is to complete elite rooms. Since he utilizes both skills and normal attack and one is significantly weaker without the other they can be a challenge to complete. I prefer to run the health bag equipment as it allows you to utilize the dad mode more often.

All and all, he truly is a hero dad!



Character tierlist

A healer is always appreciated, and the paladin can be customized to heal with nearly all skills and the main attack. They are helpful especially in a group and the 2nd skill can generate quite some power similar to the warriors shout if used wisely. I like the apprentice paladin skin for close range, but adding range with the Summer swimsuit skin is in my opinion a tad better. This character also get some extra style points for being able to do a full circle with a hammer of that size, impressive.


Character tierlist

The mage has good survivability with the ability and 3rd skill especially when reviving a fellow companion. The main attack can be altered with a skin to bring fire upon your enemies. All the skills has a good damage output and so does the main attack. Overall this character hold up good thanks to the all around build of the character rather than one specific strength.


Character tierlist

The cat can with the help of relics erase a horde of mobs quickly thanks to it’s ability, combining this with the puppet cat skin in order to deal great AoE makes for quite the character. Straight forward and simple with good skills, gotta love that.

Insect Queen

Character tierlist

The Insect Queen got a nice arsenal of skills and a variety of ways to utilize them. She can handle flying enemies with her flies (1st skill). The second skill can kill enemies that are too close or line up on a platform. Your minion (ability) acts as a character, it receives the same relics you do (in this case the slime and flame balls among others):

Character tierlist

Which makes for quite the fearsome close range threat. a good relic for the minion is the red feather, as the minion is constantly flying it receives a permanent crit boost. Combine this with the 4th skill upgrade that let’s your minion go about his own business and you can get a solid damage output. Last but not least is the bubble (3rd skill) which affects gravity for change of gameplay as well as clearing levels faster. The bubble also make you invulnerable for 5 seconds and can be upgraded to fully heal your minion.



Character tierlist

The dog got some decent skills, but the main attack combined with the skin is what it’s all about. Shooting out three rockets makes for some solid DPS. Being able to jump more often and launching yourself with the 3rd skill makes for a fun experience as you fly over the map trying to hit some rocket shots. One of the downsides with the dog is while you’re using rockets and rocket based skin there is no need to switch weapon with the 2nd skill. Basically you got one less skill in your arsenal compared to other characters, but overall he is a good boy with great mobility.


Character tierlist

The robot uses his own life to cast spells. His projectile clearer (2nd spell) is one of his biggest assets with a beneficial skin (such as the one i’m using in the picture), being able to clear half a map of deadly projectiles. Shooting projectile (1st skill) similar to the warriors is good if you can stack up some relics to increase number of uses. The 4th skill is not that bad, but lacking compared to other 4th skills in the game. Overall the robot lacks survivability and since Robot is forced to play with shield there is fewer benefits from support characters such as Paladin, Clown and Soldier who is capable of providing healing.


Character tierlist

The archers power is mediocre. The skills are all mediocre except for the 3rd one and the ability for luck is not that useful. I tend to play him as a speedster, utilizing the teleport (3rd skill) and stacking up on relics while keeping the enemy levels down by progressing fast. He and Berserker are the only ones who can “teleport” through objects and platforms which is a big reason I enjoy playing either of these and as it stands right now the archer is the weaker candidate. However being able to get 2 seconds of invulnerability can be a great asset, overall he holds his own but personally I am not that fond of this character. You should still give this character a fair chance as he might be more in line with your play style.



Character tierlist

I love the idea of the engineer he rewards you if you plan the way you play, this game is constantly moving and his strongest gadget (4th skill) is stationary which require you to think a bit more rather than just mash buttons. The mines (2nd skill) has good power, but they either require you to be up close or for the enemies to walk into them. The 3rd skill is a good robot boy to have along, the ability is only good for the first few levels until you replace it and then you basically play without a ability. This character is really beginner friendly, I loved this character at the start of my journey in this game.


Character tierlist

Playing as a anime and summoning bats (2nd skill) with a life stealing ability and absorbing your enemies into a black hole is as expected quite fun. All this characters skills are alright and make for fun game play, however at the cost of your life (HP) which does make you a bit squishy.


Character tierlist

The chains (4th skill) is a blast to use and tears through enemies. The throw able shield (1st skill) makes for decent damage, I don’t quite understand this characters ability yet but none the less the skills are alright and the skin is okay.

Want to make your own?


Hope you enjoyed this and perhaps are willing to give a character a second chance.

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