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POSTAL Brain Damaged Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations

This guide is to help those find all the secrets and posters in the ninth level, Area 69.

Fair warning that this level is very long and items can be missed easily.

Secret #1: Liquid Nitrogen

You will start off in the pipe while carts are passing by on an electrified rail.
Grapple onto it, but be prepared to shoot targets on both the left and right to disarm the electric gate.
Eventually you’ll make it into a room with UFOs, deal with the enemies as you see fit. There will be a piss toll near the elevator that takes you down into a conveyor belt area.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations

Your goal in this area is to reach this button which activates a conveyor belt above you that requires you to grapple, but don’t do it yet. Look down to your left to see this conveyor belt.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-1

Jump down and you should see this opening with a floating bottle of Liquid Nitrogen.
Entering this small box will count as your first secret for this level.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-2

Poster #1: Gray Trash Disguised

After you grapple into the duct, you will get one of the most overpowered weapons in the game: The ♥♥♥♥♥ Blower. You will make your way towards a yellow ladder to get up onto a new floor.
The poster will be behind a pipe near the ladder you just climbed.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-3

Secret #2: Wash Your Hands

Eventually you will drop down into a bathroom in which you see a couple of enemies waiting to use a stall. Deal with them first then turn your attention to the sinks.

You will notice a sign that says “Please save the water, you little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥”.
Because this is a Postal game, we’ll do the exact opposite to spite the penile mascot.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-4

The secret should be unlocked once you did the task.
Go into the opened mirror to get some goodies.

Poster #2: Area 69

Next, you will see quite a few cell rooms that houses some enemies.
Especially this incredibly ominous room that belongs to “Daddy”.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-5

Open this room to see a foreboding message and a poster on your left.
My advice is to have your shotgun out when you turn around.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-6

Poster #3: Tin-Foiled

You will make it into a large room with a central large tube transporting civilians down it while enemies surround the area. Prepare yourself for a battle.

Once you killed the enemies, collected both yellow wheels, and unlocked the door.
You will ride an elevator that takes you to a room at the top of the tube with a single Illuminati man.
This poster will be on one of the walls of this room.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-7

Secret #3: Under the Stairs

You will be transported into a rather familiar place.
Make your way out of the room and you should see a closet.
Open it and a pink lever will be there.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-8

Next, pull it and a secret door will open under the stairs.
You can crouch and loot some goodies before you engage the hostiles upstairs.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-9

Poster #4: Crawler

Fight your way through the stage and up into the rafters.
You will make it to a room that has two Prison Guards.
The poster will be near the door that you just entered from.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-10

Poster #5: Lil’ Ronnie

You’ll soon enter this red Illuminati room, press the button in front of the statue to unlock an underground entrance behind you.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-11

As you walk through the underground hallway, the poster will be right in front of you.

Area 69: All Secrets & Poster Locations-12

Closing Remarks

As a heads up to anyone that reads this, eventually this guide will be unlisted since a mega guide that has all levels in Episode 2 will be made.

I’m making this guide to help others as I journey through the game that would like to find secrets.
Have fun hunting for those secrets!

Written by AZRA3L The Eternal

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