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Potionomics Infinity Deck – Potionomics is Perfectly Balanced

Potionomics Infinity Deck

A Mid-Game (Day 20-ish) deck that allows you to never end your turn and close the deal with Max Interest as late as Turn 2.

Heart Requirements

  • Xid – Rank 6
  • Quinn – Rank 5
  • Saffron – Rank 5
  • Owl – Rank 2
  • Baptiste – Rank 1
  • Corsac – Rank 1

The Deck

So you are looking for a deck that more than 90% of the time will let you max out interest on Busy Customers? This deck will do the trick and ensure you get the maximum price for your potion every time!

If you want guidance on how to play this, more information below. If you want to try it yourself without it, here are the cards so there is no need to search or dig for information.


  • – Chorus x4
  • – Improv x2
  • – Jingle x2
  • – Meditate x2
  • – Rhythm x2
  • – Scheme x2
  • – Captivate x1
  • – Deep Connection x1
  • – Ferocity of the Squirrel x1
  • – Press The Attack x1
  • – Pressure x1
  • – Two Is Better Than One x1
Infinity Deck - Potionomics is Perfectly Balanced

How To Play

So the deck is great but how do we run it and what are the purposes of some of these cards?


This is a Chorus-Speed deck. All that means is the goal is to play as many cards as possible every turn and to maximize the power of Chorus.

Chorus is super powerful. Every time you play the card it becomes more powerful by 5.

First Use – 5 Interest
Second Use – 10 Interest
Third Use – 15 Interest

Sixth Use – 30 Interest

For 1 Patience, there is no card that beats it in the mid-game. This deck is built around maximizing that Chorus bonus and allowing you to end the transaction on your terms.

Order Of Operations

Let’s talk about which cards are more important to play than others.

Most Important Cards – In Order

Two Is Better Than One

Other Important Cards

Press The Attack
Ferocity of the Squirrel

Why these cards? The above cards are what make the deck function. Improv, Scheme, and Press The Attack are all of your card draw. The more cards you draw, the more you can play. Improv first, then Scheme, then Press The Attack if you have no other card draw options. Press The Attack is purely here to give you more opportunities to draw Improv and Scheme.

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Meditate is critical for keeping your Stress levels low. Because you are drawing too many cards, even 10% Stress can be a disaster as useful cards get turned into Stress cards and can create a massive Stress spiral. Never start a transaction above 12% Stress if you can help it. 15% can become 40% very quickly and drawing Stress cards will completely ruin this deck.

Ferocity of the Squirrel is here as it helps supplement poor RNG. Every card you play inflicts 2 Interest when Ferocity of the Squirrel is active, meaning even if you get some bad RNG you are always inflicting Interest and moving towards the end goal. It also means that playing Meditate to reduce your Stress also applies Interest at the same time, so you can max out someone’s Interest while simultaneously reducing your Stress.

Pressure is in the deck to be used once you have duplicated Chorus once or twice. It allows you to have extra card draw and finish out a turn asap at the potential expense of discarding other useful cards. Only use Pressure as a last resort card draw as all your other card draw options are superior.

Rhythm is where this deck truly gets broken. Once this card is played just one time, your next turn becomes effectively infinite and the fun begins. If you draw Rhythm make sure that when you play it and end your turn that at the Start of your next turn you have at least 3 Patience.

Infinity Deck - Potionomics is Perfectly Balanced
Infinity Deck - Potionomics is Perfectly Balanced

What do I duplicate?

So how do we use Two Is Better Than One? This card allows you to duplicate a single card in your deck and have it remain in your deck for the entire transaction. This is perfect as it is a massive enabler. As drawing this is mostly RNG based it is good to have a few options to duplicate depending on what you are dealt.

The cards you will want to duplicate are – In Order

Improv x2
Chorus x3
Jingle/Captivate x2 (one of each or two of one)
Meditate x1 (if you are in double-digit Stress)

Never duplicate Deep Connection. To play Deep Connection it must be the only card in your hand. If you have two in your deck and draw both at the same time, you can play neither card.

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If you don’t get any of the five above cards, don’t be afraid to end your turn without duplicating anything. If you duplicate too many cards it will flood your deck and no longer be useful, so make sure you only duplicate a few times and don’t let your deck get any bigger than 27 cards.

It is totally okay if your hand has so many cards in it they go off the screen

Infinity Deck - Potionomics is Perfectly Balanced

Don’t be afraid to Close Deal early

If you see if you stick around for a turn you will get 10 Stress, don’t be afraid to Close Deal. Ideally we want to close the deal only once we have hit max Interest; however, it is important to make sure your Stress stays low.

You might need to restart the transaction once if you get some properly abysmal RNG but that should be apparent on the first or second customer.

You don’t have to play every card!

If you have 0 Stress, don’t play Meditate. There is no need to play Ferocity of the Squirrel twice. If you don’t need to duplicate, don’t duplicate.

Never be afraid to end your turn with cards in your hand. The whole purpose of this deck is to ensure you are drawing cards and playing 10-15 cards every turn. If your hand ends up not helping you draw cards, reduce Stress, increase Interest, or close out the deal, end your turn and draw a new hand. There is no harm in saving Patience for a later turn. It is very easy to overplay cards and then find out you don’t have enough Patience to continue the transaction, so don’t feel pressured to play everything every turn.

The main caveat to this is if you can play Meditate to max out Interest or if you have Deep Connection in your hand and you want to get that +4 Patience, play those cards and reap the rewards.

Whether or not you play a card is situational. Read the room and see if it makes sense to play the card or to throw it in the discard and draw a new hand.

General Gameplay Tip

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Plan Your Day

What is your Brew?
What is your Stress?
What is your Gold?
What did you do Yesterday?

If you plan your day, you can always have a successful day and push towards every competition with success!

Alternate Deck

Differing Heart Requirements
Muktuk – Rank 5

The Deck

Like the idea but don’t want to deal with deciding when to copy a card and when to not? Not super comfortable with deck builders or card games? Here is an alternate version that plays similarly and is a bit easier to manage while still keeping the majority of its potency.

  • – Chorus x4
  • – Captivate x2
  • – Improv x2
  • – Jingle x2
  • – Press The Attack x2
  • – Scheme x2
  • – Bravado x1
  • – Build Rapport x1
  • – Ferocity of the Squirrel x1
  • – Guided Thought x1
  • – Meditate x1
  • – Mulligan x1
  • – Pressure x1

If you don’t have Mulligan from Owl then you can replace it with Deep Connection as it will help give you more Patience and prolong the transaction so you can play more cards.

Infinity Deck - Potionomics is Perfectly Balanced

Alternate Strategy

This follows a similar strategy as listed above. However, there is no Two Is Better Than One, so a few things were changed to facilitate this.

Bravado is added, a Rank 5 Muktuk card, and this will need to be one of the first cards you play on your turn. It gives a +3 Interest for every card played, similar to Ferocity of the Squirrel, but it only lasts for two turns so play all the cards you can!

Build Rapport is also added here to facilitate two turns of Sympathy. Sympathy + Chorus will mean your fourth Chorus will deliver 25 Interest for 1 Patience and maximize your passive gains from Bravado and Ferocity of the Squirrel.

Mulligan is added in this deck in the event you draw Stress cards. You can use Mulligan to redraw your Stress cards and turn useless cards into useful cards.

Guided thought follows the same line of thinking as Mulligan. The purpose of Guided Thought here is to lower your Stress and keep up the momentum. As this deck is not duplicating Chorus, it is imperative there are more opportunities to apply Interest and Guided Thought does just that while still enabling Stress reduction strategies.

Higher Level Replacements

Rank 7 Saffron
Meditate -> Regulated Breathing

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