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Pro Cycling Manager 2019: Keyboard Controls

Manage your own team of professional cyclists in the new 2019 season. Take the lead in over 200 races and 600 stages around the world and try to win legendary races like La Vuelta and the Tour de France.

Keyboard Controls


  • Select riders: 1 to 9 of numeric pad (1= first choice, 2= 2nd, etc)
  • Select all the riders present in the target group: 0
  • Select all team members: Ctrl +1/2/3, etc.
  • Select a saved group of team members: 1/2/3, etc.
  • Target the next/previous rider: Left/Right arrow
  • Target the next/previous group: Page Up/Down
  • Target and select the next/previous team mate: Up/Down arrow
  • Sort rider control panels according to current race positions: Backspace
  • Move a rider sideways: Numpad 4/Numpad 6


  • Display/Hide rider control panels: F2
  • Display/Hide race profile/time-gaps: F3
  • Display/Hide rider information panel: F4
  • Display/Hide all interface elements: Ctrl + U
  • Display/Hide windsock: O
  • Display in-race information page: Space bar


  • Default camera: F5
  • Switch between cameras: F6


  • Display online help: F1
  • Victory celebrations: W / X / C / V / B / N / ,
  • Increase/Reduce game speed: +/-
  • Pause game/Resume at normal speed: P

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