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Project Hospital – Beginners Guide (Money and Patients)

Many questions in the discusions thread is about How to make a profit, or My next objective is to treat XX number of patients but I only get XX Patients. The answers of these questions (and many more) you will find here.

Things to know before you start

The game is mainly a management simulator. You can treat patients your self, but you can only follow 12 patients. The purpose is to get the automatic treatment of patients so efficient posible.

You earn patients by healing patients. This means you get paid by treatment and not by Examination. So ordering a lot of examinations will not mean that you earn more money. Its just a waist of staff and resources.

Your patients and staff will have needs. Most common needs are Toilets, food, drink , not being bored etc. The more you meet the needs of your patients and staff the more prestige you will get.

Prestige is very important in this game. With a good prestige you will earn 20% more. You will need this profit. Prestige depends on various things. Most important is the happyness of patients and staff. However the number of non-treated patients seems to have only litle influence on prestige. We will talk about prestige further on in this guide.

Start building

I start with making a building plan. I use for it an extern program. As a beginner you will not know what you need exactly so you can skip this step. It will only mean that you will have to rebuild parts of your hospital. I start building at the middle of the map. Look first at your road and look for the yellow square. This is where the ambulances will stop to unload patients. You will want your emergency hospitalization department close to that spot. Don’t worry about that too much at the moment, just keep space there for your Emergency hospitalization department.

I start building somewhere in the middle of the field. I always use the big map, so I don’t have to worry about space.

Start with the Emergency department. Build 2 doctor offices, a waiting room , a restroom , a common room and a cleaning closet. A reception isn’t needed at the moment but it looks nice. Place some plants and posters in your rooms, this will give you some higher prestige. (Nice enveronement and avoid boredom). In the waiting room I place a vending machine and a watercooler (to take care of needs of patients) In the restrooms I place sinks, mirrors, dryers and trash bins.

In the doctors ofice I place a watercooler. This will avoid that the doctor will leave the room to take a drink. This will save time for the doctor and within the saved time he treat more patients.

Asign every space within your building, even coridors to the emergency department. Not asigning coridors to a department will cause that they will not be cleaned as much as you want.

Connect the entrence to your building with the pavement of the road.

Hire 2 doctors. and start playing.

The follow up

After the first day, you want to hire a janitor. Hiring it the first day, makes litle sense as there will be nothing to clean.

Watch your doctors. Treat some patients your self to get to know the diagnose and treatment system (and for fun). If needed build an extra doctors office. If the requirements asks you build a stat lab.

Build a waiting room a doctors office and a common room for your General Surgery departments. At this moment a restroom and a cleaning closet are not needed. Patients and staff also uses restrooms of other departments and janitors also clean other departments.

After building these you can contract the next insurrance company for another 10 patients.

Other departments

While its not very clear in the game. You can build the clinics for the other departments. Just build for each departments a doctors office , a waiting room and a common room. at this moment you don’t have to build restrooms, receptions, cleaning closets and labs for each department. Just take care that there are enough restrooms in your building and if they are placed throughout yout building. (You don’t want too long traveltimes)

After you have build thewaiting room and a doctors ofice you can hire a doctor for that department. After hiring a doctor you can contract the insurrance company for an extra 10 patients.

Labs are expensive. So I wouldn’t advice you to build labs for each department yet. If you need a lab examination just transfer the patient to the Emergency department.

Radiology isn’t at the start very important. And it costs a lot of money. Just build it just before (or after) the orthopaedy department.

After you have build the doctors office and the waiting room for a department and you have hired a doctor for it, you can activate an extra insurance company.

After general surgery I would advice you to start with Cardiology and Neurology as these insurrance companies have the highest payout. (up to (about) 50% as the first insurrance company.

Important : Hospitalization departments costs a lot of money to build. Also your minimum staff costs also quite a lot. If you start too soon with the hospitalization departments you will not have enough patients to make a profit out of it. I would advice you , not to start any hospitalization department before you have unlocked all clinical departments and insurrance companies.


As written in the last section. It is very important not to start a hospitalization department too soon. I strongly advice you to unlock first all clinical departments. Remember that its almost imposible to make a loss with your clinics, while its very easy to loose money if you start hospitalization too early.

Before starting hospitalization on a department, you might want to have a lab on this department. Otherwise it will be a lot of manual work to transfer patients between departments for lab examinations.

Surgeries are your moneymaker on hospitalization. You want as much of surgeries during your day shift as posible. You can asign your surgion and Anesthesiology to do only surgeries. I would advice you to use this function. Remember when one person needed for surgery is busy with something else it can block four other staff members.

At the start of hospitalization I begin with 4 nurses and 4 doctors on the day time shift and 1 doctor and 1 nurse at night. If you start night surgery please note that you will need 3 nurses at least. You need 2 nurses for the surgery and 1 nurse to transport the patient. If you have only 2 nurses your staff will be reserved for the surgery, but the surgery will never start.


The interest rates of loans are very high. So don’t use them if you don’t have too. I only used loans while I was litle short of money when finishing a department.

So only take out loans when you are sure that you can pay them back in a few days.


Prestige is very important. If you have a high enough prestige level you will get a 20% bonus payout on your treatments. Often this means the difference between profit and loss.

You can influence prestige very easy:

  • Take care of your staff and patients.
  • Have enough vending machines and watercoolers.
  • Have enough restrooms (with sinks).
  • Have at least one common rooms for each department.
  • Place plants and posters through out your building.
  • Don’t use the cheap beds with hospitalization, use the modern beds.
  • Set a head of department, if posible someone with the good boss perk.

Other pointers

Before building up, you might want to finish your first floor. Adding a new floor is for free. However adapting one costs money. So before going up, give your first floor tiles, windows etc. You can copy these things for free to your next floor.

To long to read

1- Start with opening all the clinical departments. Just build the waitingroom and doctors office. Hire a doctor. After that you can contract the next insurrance company for the next 10 patients.

2- Be carefull with loans. Interest rates are very high.

3- Take care of your prestige. If high enough you will earn 20% more money.

4- Don’t start hospitalization too early. If you start it too early, you will loose money on it.

Written by Blue_Bug

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