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Project Winter Achievement Guide (How to Get & Secret Achievements)

An over the top achievement guide for Project Winter.

Project Winter Achievement Guide

This is a simple guide towards gaining achievements for Project Winter.

Most of these achievements are self-explanatory as what you have to achieve is described for you. However, this is sort of a guide to help towards getting the achievements sooner with tips.

General Achievements

Close Quarters

Do not pick up or craft any ranged weapons for one game.

  • This can be done relatively simply. As the achievement shows, avoid all ranged for a game. However, always carry a tool with you (axe, scythe, pickaxe) to use as a melee weapon, as these are still very powerful to kill people with.
  • I would recommend to try this achievement when you are not a Traitor as you will rarely need to kill anyone as an innocent other than certain circumstances.
  • Stay with a group of people, preferably 4 or larger. This means that you have support in case you are attacked.

Meat is Murder

Do not kill any animals for one game.

  • This can be done by not killing any species of animal, however you are able to loot the corpse of any already dead animal. This means that if you want any materials from an animal, you can have someone else kill it for you.
  • Avoid wolves’ alert radius at all costs as they will chase you until death.
  • With bears, you are able to alert them and run away, as bears will stop chasing you once you have left their spawn radius.

Radio Silence

Do not pick up a portable radio for one game.

  • For this achievement, you are not allowed to craft a radio either.
  • Try to stay as large groups and use your speak ability to communicate with one another. Remember that speaking is ranged, so the further away you are from the group, the quieter you are to them.
  • The downside to using speaking rather than radios is that Traitors can hear you as well, so be cautious with what info you give to the group.

I’m a Survivor

Escape as a survivor.

  • You have to successfully escape. This can be done by either completing both tasks, and calling in the radio. This will trigger an the escape vehicle to arrive at which you are able to escape on. The radio can be called more than once, so if the escape vehicle leaves without you (and as long as the objectives are complete), you can call the radio again, and a second vehicle will arrive.
  • There is a possibility that an event will occur where an escape pod will appear. It only allows one survivor to enter it, and will leave 6 seconds upon entering. This also counts towards escaping.

Et tu, Brute?

Kill a survivor as a traitor.

  • A kill counts as being the final hit on the victim who is in the downed state. This means that if someone is heavily damaged from wolves, another player dealing damage, traps, etc. and you are to land the final hit, you will get this.
  • When Traitor, there are many ways to kill the survivors, however, indirect kills will not count towards this achievement. This means that: global exiles, sabotaged bunkers, burning from campfires, etc. will not contribute to achieving this.
  • As a traitor, a good tactic to use is to carry a ranged weapon, and a melee weapon at the same time. Once you are with one other survivor, keep your distance and damage them with your ranged weapon. If they continue to run, keep firing, but if they approach you, starting hitting them as melee weapons are superior in close combat.

Tis’ but a Flesh Wound

Survive to the end and escape without using any healing items.

  • This means to avoid healing kits or health roots through out the game. However, as long as you keep your hunger and temperature bars full, and you are not attacked, your health will stay relatively high.
  • Stay as a group so that if you are low health and go down, you can be revived by the other survivors. You can be put into the downed state as many times as possible, as long as you are revived each time.

Baby Steps

Complete the tutorial.

  • The tutorial first pops up as you open up the game for the first time. The achievement is referring to the playable tutorial. Upon completion you will unlock the achievement.
  • I would recommend playing the tutorial anyway, however if you do skip it, you can come back to it at anytime by pressing the book logo in the bottom right of the screen.

Clear Your Cache

Open 10 traitor caches.

  • The Traitor caches are the black boxes with a glowing red circle on the top.
  • As a Traitor, open the Traitor crates while trying to avoid people seeing you and raising suspicion. But when you see one, open it and you should get the achievement after a couple of games.
  • You can also open Traitor crates as the defector (a survivor role). However, make your role clear with everyone first so you aren’t wrongly accused.

This is a Traitor Cache.

Last One Standing

Be the only one left alive.

  • You are unable to get this as the Traitor.
  • The main way of doing this is to ensure that everyone else is dead. You do not have to escape, just be the last person left alive.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Call the rescue from the cabin radio.

  • Once both objectives have been completed, the radio can be called from the cabin for rescue. Activate this to get the achievement.
  • A way to ensure activating the radio is to stay in the cabin while the second objective has gone to be complete, is to stay in the cabin. A useful thing to do while others complete the second objective is to protect the first objective so that it is not sabotaged by the Traitors.

Women and Children First

Be the last survivor to board an escape.

  • This requires other people to escape as well, so try to ensure others escape. It’s relatively easy. Just stay in the helipad until all survivors have entered the escape vehicle.

Brave New World

Explore the entire map in one game.

  • You have to visit each square on the map to get this achievement. This will most likely come with time, but you can set aside a match to navigate the border of the centre square touching each outer square at least once.
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Testing Physical Limits

Stay outside for the entire duration of blizzard events for one game.

  • You have to stay outside for the entire duration of a “Mega Blizzard” event and then survive until the end of the game. If you are a Traitor, survive until the end of the game. If you are a survivor, escape after the “Mega Blizzard event”.


Play 10 games without killing anyone.

  • You have to play 10 total games, they do not have to be consecutive.
  • This will also come with time as when you are on the innocent side you won’t need to kill many people other than in retaliation. However, you can down anyone if needs be, but someone else will need to take the final blow on the downed player.

Cooperation is Key

Operate a co-op console 25 times.

  • This includes any action that takes two people or more. This can include things such as opening buildings, destroying ice walls, etc.
  • This is easily done if you stay within a group of people as buildings are quite frequent.

Hands-Off Killer

As a Traitor, have no Survivors living without directly killing any of them.

  • You are able to get this achievement by killing all survivors (not including the Identity Thief) using non direct ways. This can include using landmines, bear traps, poison or sabotage to damage people indirectly.
  • The other Traitor is able to kill other survivors, however you do have to deal damage/down at least one player yourself using some of the methods above.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Escape on the escape pod.

  • This escape achievement is specific towards leaving on the escape pod event. Occasionally, an event will occur where an escape pod will appear. It only allows one survivor to enter it, and will leave 6 seconds upon entering. It is announced upon arrival.

This is the Escape Pod.

Tell Our Story

Be the only one to escape in a game.

  • For this, you can escape through both the escape pod and the escape vehicle. Yet again, this should come with time the more games you play, however, you can also aim for it by being quite selfish by calling the escape vehicle to leave while only you are in it. There is a possibility that a second vehicle is called, but it is out of your control at that point.
  • There is a glitch in the game where if you are the Identity Thief (a neutral role) and you are alive when all other survivors die, you will also get the achievement.

Tight Schedule

Escape within 15 minutes from the start of the game.

  • For this achievement, try to communicate with each other well, and each get assigned specific roles to get the objective done sooner. Two groups of four works well as the Survivors will outnumber the Traitors, or be equal to the amount of Traitors.
  • Try to be time efficient, knowing what materials to get and what to craft soon. Try to avoid crafting items other than what the objective requires.


Knock down 10 survivors as a traitor.

  • You do not have to kill the survivor, you just have to put them into the downed state. However, you cannot get multiple downs on one survivor, it has to be 10 separate people.
  • This can also be performed as indirect downs through traps, poison, etc.

Better Late than Never

Escape within the last minute of the round.

  • Yet again, this will come with time, however, you can plan this by not calling the radio in until around 30 seconds left, as you have to compensate for the time it takes the vehicle to arrive.
  • Once the timer reaches zero, you still have 1:30 minutes of a Mega Blizzard to get to the escape so don’t enter the vehicle until that has reached 1:00 minutes or below.

What’s in the Box?

Complete the traitor team goal without opening a single traitor cache.

  • As the Traitor, your team goal is to kill everyone and let no one escape. You have to achieve this without opening any form of Traitor crate or drop. You are able to open normal crates that the survivors can also open, so try to receive any gun parts from these and craft a weapon.
  • If you have a Soldier on the survivor team, try to find the armoury and get items in there, as this won’t count against the achievement.
  • Also, if the other Traitor has opened crates, this won’t count against the achievement either. So they will be able to retrieve items in the crates and then drop them to you.

You are not allowed to open these types of crates. All other boxes/crates are allowed to be opened.


Kill 50 animals.

  • Using any tool, use melee against animals as it is most effective. The moose are easiest and quickest to kill, whereas wolves and bears have higher health and deal more damage, so target moose.
  • A good tactic to use is to hit the animal from behind quickly. Don’t use the charged, strong attack. Instead, use the weaker, quick attack and repetitively hit the animal from behind. This lowers the chances of being hit.

You Go First

Escape on the second vehicle called from the cabin radio.

  • Once the escape vehicle has been called in from the radio, has been boarded, and initiates take-off, if both objectives are still active and completed, the radio can be used again to call in a second emergency vehicle.
  • The best way to do this would be to call in the radio and stay next to the radio while everyone else boards the emergency vehicle and then once they have left, call it in again.


Use 10 traitor airdrop abilities.

  • When the timer on an objective reaches zero, a Traitor airdrop will spawn. This has special abilities on it that hinder the survivors and help the Traitors such as Jamming all radio stations other than the Traitors Red station or Global Exile which exiles all players from the cabin.
  • It costs Traitor tokens that are gained from doing “Traitor things” such as opening Traitor crates, sabotaging objectives, etc.


Poison 10 interactable objects.

  • Poison can be found in crates and airdrops. It should be applied to interactables like the objective or bunker panels (standing next to the interactable and holding e) 10 times and you’ll get the achievement.
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Little Red Hen

As a survivor, hit the ‘repair’ button on both objectives, and call for the rescue.

  • As a survivor, you only have to activate the repair button on both objective and call in the radio. You do not have to contribute anything to the objective other than hitting the repair button. So you don’t have to do the entire objective by yourself.
  • Similarly to killing the enemies, you only need to get the “final tap” on the objectives, however this can be inefficient if you don’t contribute towards the objective.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Use the truth serum 3 times on a player while playing as a survivor.

  • There is a building within the game that requires three spread out terminals to be activated. This is called the laboratory. In the Laboratory are crates, a cloning station, and two truth serum stations. Once one truth injection has been taken, a 5 minutes timer is set until the next one is allowed to be taken.
  • To use the truth serum, you have to walk up to a player with it in your hand, and hold “e” to reveal their role just to you. Do this 3 times as any survivor role to get the achievement.
  • For the “Psychological Warfare” achievement, do the exact same process, but as any traitor role.

This dome building with the side parts is the Laboratory. The Terminal with the three, thick tubes leading to it are the terminals that need to be activated. There are three separate ones.


Craft 20 items in one game.

  • The easiest way to do this is to make a tool and gather just one type of material, of which can craft an item by itself. For example, make an axe to harvest only wood. Then use two wood to make one campfire. Then continuously make campfires. Or craft a scythe to harvest only red berries. Then use two berries to make one fuel, etc.
  • Craft materials to make more items. For example, use one iron and one wood to craft one electronic scrap. Then use two electronic scrap to make one radio. So overall one radio consists of three separate crafts.


Conduct 10 sabotage actions.

  • As a Traitor, you gain tokens by doing Traitor actions (opening Traitor Crates, Trapping interactables, etc.). Then you can use the tokens to sabotage. Sabotages can be done on interactables. For example, sabotaging the objective, or a random sabotage action performed on a Traitor airdrop.

In Pursuit of Truth

Help open the truth serum bunker 10 times.

  • You have to open the Laboratory 10 times to get this achievement. The Lab is opened by three spread out terminals that can be activated at any point in time.
  • Refer to the achievement “The Truth Shall Set You Free” for an image of the Laboratory.

Fool Me Once…

Get ambushed by wolves in bunkers twice in one game.

  • When opening bunkers, it can randomly contain wolves that will attack once opened. Also, if a Traitor is to sabotage a bunker, the same event will occur where you are attacked by wolves.
  • To get this achievement, is relatively dependant on luck, however, try to open as many bunkers as you can so that you have more of a chance to have wolves attack you. This has to happen twice in one game to get the achievement.
  • This does not activate on the wave objective at the final objective.


Craft 20 firearms.

  • Picking up firearms does not count towards this achievement, so you have to craft it on the crafting station in the cabin.
  • Gun parts can be found in all types of crates and are used to craft weapons. The quickest way to get the achievement is to craft either the Sniper Rifle or the Shotgun as these only require two gun parts to craft (compared to the three needed for the Marksman Rifle) every time you have gun parts.

These are Gun Parts used to create weapons.

Master of Disguise

Swap clothes with 20 corpses.

  • When any player dies, you are able to drag their corpse, loot their body and swap clothes. Swap clothes with corpses 20 different times. You can get multiple swaps in one game.
  • When you swap clothes with someone, you get all of what they were wearing, however, you also swap names with them as well, so be cautious with swapping clothes with a suspected potential Traitor. (Your body type stays the same).

Home Run

Kill an animal with a thrown item.

  • The safer way of achieving this would to be by yourself and only us the throw attack on a moose. This ensures that when they die, it is by a thrown attack.
  • The quicker way to achieve this would be to attack the animal using the melee attack and then throw a weapon at it once you have landed a few hits.
  • Also, when throwing the melee weapon, make sure to fill the power bar for throwing all the way to gain better accuracy and damage.


Remove the poison effect using a first aid kit 5 times.

  • Being poisoned can happened through interacting with a poisoned interactable, eating poisoned food, or being shot by a poison firearm. To remove the poison effect, you should use a med kit which is crafted with 3 heal roots (the white berries) in the crafting station.

The Grey

Kill 3 wolves with your bare hands in a single game.

  • Refer to the achievement “Hunter” (but use your hands instead of a tool).

Exquisite Chef

Cook 30 items in one game

  • The easiest way to get this achievement would be to craft a scythe and harvest the red berries. These can be cooked in the cabin. The berries respawn a couple of minutes after being harvested so create a circuit around the cabin so you can harvest the same berries over and over, and be able to cook them sooner.

Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare.

  • Refer to the achievement “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Bunker Buster

Sabotage 3 bunkers in a single game.

  • Use the sabotage action on 3 separate bunkers in one game. As the Traitor, you can gain tokens by doing Traitor actions (opening Traitor crates, killing survivors, etc.) and then use the tokens to spend on sabotaging interactable items.
  • Refer to the achievement “Saboteur” to understand it better.
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Dark Chef

Craft 20 poisoned pot pies.

  • This does not need to be done in one game. A pot pie is crafted by cooking a piece of meat (from any animal) and one red berry together. Once a pot pie has been cooked, you can craft a poisoned pot pie but combining the pot pie and poison.
  • Poison is found in any form of crate/box.

The Deceit is Real

As a traitor, hit the ‘repair’ button on 10 survivor objectives.

  • Hitting the repair button means that you either insert the last material and press repair, or enter the correct code. This has to be done 10 different times while being any form of the Traitor.
  • Refer to the achievement “Little Red Riding Hood” for help on the repair “rules”

Grouped Achievements

This section is dedicated to grouping achievements that are very similar to one another. I have grouped them so that it makes it easier to know the tips for each achievement!

Get to Da Choppa

Escape on a helicopter

  • This is dependant on the escape vehicle that is spawned in-game. It is randomly generated, so keep playing the game at the chance to escape on the required vehicle.


Escape on the VTOL

  • Refer to the achievement “Get to Da Choppa”

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Escape on the ground vehicle

  • Refer to the achievement “Get to Da Choppa”

Red October

Escape on the submarine

  • Refer to the achievement “Get to Da Choppa”


Chop down 100 trees.

  • For this achievement, it will take time, but to focus on the achievement, use the specific tools for harvesting (axe for trees, scythe for berries and health roots, pickaxe for iron)
  • With the achievement “Health Freak”, you have to consume the health roots itself. This means that you don’t have to harvest them yourself, however, the scythe should be used if you choose to do so.


Destroy 75 rocks.

  • Refer to the achievement “Lumberjack”


Harvest 200 berries.

  • Refer to the achievement “Lumberjack”

Health Freak

Eat 100 roots.

  • Refer to the achievement “Lumberjack”

Dynamic Duo

Escape on a vehicle with one other survivor.

  • The best way to achieve this would be to stay in a group with the amount of people required for the achievement the entire game, and all escape on the same vehicle. This can be done by calling in the vehicle early so that you ensure no one else enters the vehicle.
  • You can convince all other survivors who did not board to call in a second vehicle after yours leaves. Other than that, this achievement should come with time the more that you escape.

Third Wheel

Escape on a vehicle with two other survivors.

  • Refer to the achievement “Dynamic Duo”

The More the Merrier

Escape on a vehicle with three other survivors.

  • Refer to the achievement “Dynamic Duo”

The Fallen Will Be Remembered

Escape on a vehicle with four other survivors.

  • Refer to the achievement “Dynamic Duo”

No One Left Behind

Escape on a vehicle with five other survivors.

  • Refer to the achievement “Dynamic Duo”

One is the Loneliest Number

Escape on a vehicle by yourself.

  • Refer to the achievement “Tell Our Story”
  • (Note that using the escape pod event will not work for this achievement)

Well Done

Complete 5 bonus objectives.

  • When the match starts, leave the cabin and look at the objective board with the map on it right outside. When next to it, hold “e” to claim an objective. Complete however many of these to gain the achievement.
  • Some special roles (Identity Thief, Scientist, etc.) can have preset objectives, so there’s no need to claim an objective.

Gold Star

Complete 10 bonus objectives.

  • Refer to the achievement “Well Done”


Complete 25 bonus objectives.

  • Refer to the achievement “Well Done”

Secret Achievements

This section is for the Secret achievements of the game. I have tried my best to spoiler tag them and also give tips towards them, but most of them are relatively difficult and will come with time and playing the game. Hopefully it helps though.

Vigilante Justice

Kill two Traitors in a game as a Survivor.

  • This has to be done in a single game. The easiest way is to stay as one big group, and then when the Traitors are outed at any point, all swarm and down them. When downed, try to get the final hit on them to kill them, as the final hit is the only thing that contributes towards this achievement.

Super Traitor

Double cross (kill) the other traitor when playing as traitor.

  • The only way I can see this successfully happening is if you do it “accidentally” while the other Traitor is downed. A situation that this would most likely work in would be in a fight between both Traitors and survivors. If the other Traitor is downed, don’t pick them up, try to survive, and then get the final hit on them. (It’s sort of a selfish achievement unless it’s an actual accident).

Hypocritic Oaf

Damage a player by throwing a first aid kit at them.

  • The way to throw an item is to hold right-click and then press left click when you are ready to throw it. The most efficient way for this to be done would be to make it seem like and accident, and once you have hit the person, offer them the med kit so there is no suspicion put upon you.
  • A med kit is crafted by cooking three health roots in the cabin.

Double Agent

As a survivor, kill a traitor, swap clothes with them, then kill the other traitor.

  • This seems relatively tricky if the survivors already know who the Traitors are as they will most likely be killed too quickly for you to get this achievement, so try to find out who one of the Traitors are first and kill them. Then swap clothes and use this to your advantage (with the swapped name as well). Then proceed to kill the second Traitor.
  • In both situations you would be able to land a final hit to the Traitors and still get the achievement, however, you must remember to change clothes between killing them both.
  • Try to gain the trust of the other Traitor first, so that it will be easier to kill them if you are alone with them. Try attacking them once they are distracted with something such as looting a crate or sabotaging something.


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