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Project Winter Guide (Gameplay Basics & Mechanics, Tips)

Project Winter Guide

Hello there, the demographic of this guide is for the new guys. However, if you have been playing for a decent time and want to make sure you know as much as you can, this one is for you too.

Anyways, as included in the description. Here’s a detailed list of what I’m going to be preaching here:

  • How each Objective works, whether they can be a first obj, second obj, or both and what you gotta do to repair it again in the case of a sabotage.
  • Tips and Tricks, Essentials of Knowledge.
  • Mechanics to the game.
  • A bunch of other stuff I can’t really categorize, I will just tell you.
  • Same things as above but for Blackout.
  • Every role, how you should play them, and how they work.

Now lets begin.

Recipes, Cabin Essentials, Early Game Tips

When you start the game, you will spawn in the cabin. Here the cabin contains every thing you need. A cooking station to cook and poison food, and make medkits. There is a crafting table for tools, guns, scraps, fuel, traps, radios, backpacks, and a disarm kit. Each tool does the same amount of damage, but is used to harvest different resources faster. Also, each tool needs 1 rock and 1 wood.

Outside the Cabin is the Cabin map, here the first objective is always shown. After that is completed, the 3 question marks will appear in 3 different locations on the map. One of them is the location of the 2nd OBJ. Power lines will lead you to it.

Make sure to always harvest the stone and wood that are outside the cabin. When you exit the cabin just south of you will be ore nodes with the exact amount of everyone. Use it to make a melee, (NEVER DROP YOUR MELEE)

  • Sickle > Berries/Herbs
  • Axe > Trees
  • PickAxe > Ore Nodes (stone)

  • Berries can be used to fill up hunger, and make fuel with 2 of them.
  • Wood can be used to craft and fuel campfires.
  • Stone can be used to craft.


  • Electronic Scrap – 1 wood, 1 stone (Crafting Station).
  • Mechanical Scrap – 1 wood, 1 stone (Crafting Station).
  • Fuel – 2 berries (Crafting Station).
  • Beartrap – 2 stone (Crafting Station).
  • Mine – 3 stone 1 mechanical Scrap (Crafting Station).
  • Sniper – 2 gun parts (Crafting Station).
  • Semi-Auto Rifle – 3 gun parts (Crafting Station).
  • Shotgun (never make this) – 2 gun parts (Crafting Station).
  • (Gun parts can be found in bunkers, cannot be crafted).
  • Blue Radio – 2 Electronic Scrap (Crafting Station).
  • Yellow Radio – 2 Electronic Scrap (Crafting Station).

Note: Every time you talk in a radio, only people with the same color can hear you. In the case that you are a traitor and you have a red one, do not worry, you can always safely communicate with your buddy, it is impossible, unless you give it to them, for a survivor to obtain a red radio.

  • Backpack – 3 Fur, 2 Mechanical (Crafting Station)

Note: Fur is obtained from killing animals, if you are a traitor, having a backpack is very ideal and gives you access to a lot of combat options. The fastest way to get a backpack is to kill the 3 moose that always circle the cabin. They start from the southeast and then circle the cabin.

  • Smoke Bomb – 2 Fuel (Crafting Station).
  • Campfire Kit – 2 wood (Crafting Station).
  • Trap Disarm Kit – 3 Electronic.
  • Poisoned Crossbow – Crossbow, Poison.

Note: Both of these are easy to find in traitor crates, and if you are lucky you can find one that is already poisoned. In the case that you are a survivor, you can find these much less commonly in bunker crates, too.

  • First Aid Kit – 3 Herbs (Cooking Station).
  • Cooked Berries – Berries (Cooking Station).
  • Cooked Meat – Meat (Cooking Station).
  • Pot Pie – 1 Berry, 1 Meat (dont stack, also they boost max warmth and hunger stats) (Cooking Station).
  • Cooked Human Meat – Human Meat (Cooking Station).
  • Poisoned Variation of Every food – Cooked food + Poison (Cooking Station).

Blackout Exclusive Recipes

  • Holy Book – 1 Wood, 1 Stone (Kills ghost animals in the witching event easier) (Crafting Station).
  • Flashbang – 1 fuel (everyone is gonna hate you for this one) (Crafting Station).
  • Rosary – 3 Electrical Scrap, 3 Mechanical Scrap, and 2 fuel. (Stops Whisperers and Demons from converting, can only be used once) (Crafting Station).
  • Torch – 2 wood, 1 stone (Provides small amount of warmth and lots of light in case of the blackout event) (Crafting Station).
  • Stake Launcher – 3 wood 1 mechanical (Crafting Station).

All OBJ’s and How They Work

There are 5 objectives in total.

Something to know, outside the cabin there is the cabin map. The first objective is always located on the cabin map. Once you complete it, there is going to be 3 question marks on the map, you h ave to venture out to the directions of one of the marks since only one of them is the correct location of the 2nd objective. Also, the second objective always has a trail of power lines going in every direction from it, if you see power lines, follow them. You found it.

The Most Basic, Parts OBJ

This objective requires mechanical scrap, electrical scrap, or/and fuel. The most scrap you can get to need to repair is 7 of each. Sometimes you will get variants of this where you need 7 of both, 6 of one, vice versa. This is completely random from when you start the game. It is also possible to only require one type of scrap for the OBJ

This objective can spawn in as the first one, and as the second one. You can even get both in one game.

  • Fuel is made from 2 berries.
  • Like tools, both mechanical and electrical scraps require one rock and one wood.
  • You can choose to either craft all of the scrap, or go with a squad of at least 3/2 and open some bunkers. There is always several bunkers that spawn near the cabin, and then after that, you gotta start exploring.
  • Ideal and fastest way to complete this OBJ – Open all the bunkers near the cabin. Once you got all the ones that are close, craft the rest after you see what you need. Make sure to have someone guard it, or hold on to all the scrap until you have all of it (this is to make sure a traitor doesn’t steal your stuff therefore setting you super far back).

In the case of a sabotage after it was repaired, the objective will require the same kinds of parts BUT only 1 or 2 of each.

The Wolf Objective

The Wolf OBJ has been a victim of a long of nerfing, buffing, changing, etc. It has been discussed a lot. Currently the wolf objective is almost impossible to complete on your own, even if you are super good at the game.

The Wolf OBJ can only be the 2nd Objective.

How it works: One person must hold their interact button on the objective and keep holding it down. A visible circle will slowly start to fill up, once it is done, you got it. There’s just one problem, waves of wolves will try to stop you. Once you reach around 75% some angry grizzlies are gonna join the fight. However, beware. If you see snow wolves in any of the waves make sure you got at least 3 people to help you out if possible (Snow wolves are slightly stronger than wolves. But this is not the problem. Snow wolves indicate the inevitable arrival of Halestorm. He is a Polar Bear that is 3x bigger than a normal grizzly. And he is goddamn strong).

In the case of a sabotage, all you gotta do is go up to it and press the repair button and it will take just a second and go back to normal, you dont gotta repeat the process.

The Cipher Station

The Cipher Station can only appear as the first objective. To begin, head to the station and hold interact button on the console that is there. It will show a small computer screen of you hacking into the matrix. Wait until the scene with the code and VRN sending to all the bunkers finishes. Once that is done, you should see the VRN at the panel in front of the station.

What you gotta do: Almost all the bunkers will now have a visible green little light in a metal square at the entrance. This indicates that they contain and VRN and a code to that VRN. You must assemble a squad and open bunkers. Inside the bunkers there will be a computer similar to the one in the original station. It will have a VRN and one digit of a 4 digit code. If the VRN matches the station, keep track of the digit it gives. You will need to input all of it in order at the station. However, if the VRN is incorrect, keep looking. Make sure you always remember what the VRN is or else this will take longer than necessary.

In case of a sabotage, you must repeat the process, but this time only with 2 digits. (The VRN changes)

Battery Objective

This objective only spawns in as a second objective. It is very easy for traitors to get in the way, but as long as you got a decent amount of time left and a few buddies with ya, you are good.

How it works: The battery objective requires you to walk up to it. There should be an interaction option to “Locate the Batteries” or something like that. Once you do, a beacon of all 3 batteries will pop up on you screen. What you gotta do is go to those beacons, and carry the battery back to the objective. Make sure you hit the beacon on the actual OBJ too or else you might get lost. Once you are holding a battery, you walking will be slowed, and unless you drop it (LMB to drop it) you cannot interact or hit someone. This is why you probably need a bodyguard to help you out. There can only be 3 batteries in total. Take all of them out. Do not worry, traitors cannot take them out once you put them in.

In the case of a sabotage, you just have to interact with it and you good.

The Excavation Objective

  • Oh boi, this one is… controversial… at best.
  • Excavation Objective can only appear as the first objective.

What to do: At the objective it will look almost identical to a classic part power station, however, there will be a little shed and photo board beside it. Grab a shovel, (Which reappear in case you lose one or whatever) and take a look at the photo board. The board will show 4 pictures with the tile of where that image is. It will show a blue circle which is the radius of where you gotta dig to bring up the part it shows. You need to get all 4 and put them in.

Note: In case the traitor steals some, there is a one minute cooldown to where they will reappear in the same place you gotta dig again in case you lose one.

This one is new, so I might be wrong. In the case of a sabotage, you gotta find only 2 items again.

Every Role and How They Work

Please keep in mind that in case you don’t want to keep coming back to this guide there is a list of every role located in the cabin (at the bottom).

Also, if you have a special role that has an ability, if you hover your cursor over your role symbol next to your inventory, it should tell you what it does and how to charge it

  • Defector (Survivor Only) – Can open traitor crates and if he finds it, a traitor airdrop, with a charge that fills up over time.
  • Medic (Traitor & Survivor) – Both variants for the team are the exact same. With a certain radius, you can see everyone’s health and your ability allows you to revive everyone that is downed in a radius (this can come in clutch) at the expense of losing a bit of your own max health.
  • Soldier (Survivor Only) – Once the first OBJ is complete, you are able to see the armory’s location on the Cabin Map. The armor contains low lvl energy drinks and some guns. It requires two people, and one soldier to open it. Keep in mind, a traitor has can do the exact same thing.
  • Scientist (Survivor & Traitor) – Both variants of the scientist can revive someone once per game under the conditions that they didnt leave the game, and you need their heart. To revive them, take a dead man’s heart and open the Truth Serum Lab with a squad. The machine is located in the main room of the lab. Only the scientist can interact with it. If a survivor scientist revives someone they have a chance of being traitor or survivor, regardless of role.

  • If a traitor scientist resurrects someone, they are guaranteed of being a traitor.
  • Clones cannot speak, gesture, or type.

  • Hacker (Survivor & Traitor) – Both Variants can open a bunker alone, only difference is how. With the survivor variant, it requires 2 electronic scrap. For the traitor, it requires traitor credits.
  • Identity Thief – Starts the game off with no affiliation with both of the teams.

Can steal a dead persons role. In the case that the dead person had a special role, the ID thief takes their ability too.

Blackout Exclusive Roles

  • Demon (Traitor Only) Can convert downed players by reviving them when their ability charge is full, grants him bonus health, hunger, and warmth stats for every conversion. If the original demon dies, so do his converts.
  • Whisperer (Traitor Only) Visible bar above every player, when you ability is full, you send out a pulse that fills the bar of any player by about 25 or so percent. The more people there are in the affected radius, the less the bar fills up. Once a player’s bar is full, said player will become a traitor.

For both of the roles above, you cannot transform an ID Thief, Yeti, or Hunter.

  • Yeti – Has no affiliation with both sides. Once his custom OBJ is completed, he can choose to kill all the survivors with the traitors, or escape with the survivors. (You can do whatever the hell you want).
  • Padre (Survivor Only) When his charge his full, he can, once per game, give a large max boost of health, warmth, and hunger to any player he interacts with.
  • Hunter (Survivor Only) When his charge is full, he can truth serum any person.

What Blackout Adds to the Game

  • New Map – Blackout’s map has the cabin spawn in the Northwest tile, and it removes the North and the West Tile. If you travel just a bit SouthWest from the cabin there will be a group of hatches that is accessible to everyone, not just traitors, to different parts of the map. Just below that is a hatch that takes only traitors to “Traitor Island”. Traitor Island is a small island filled with traitor crates that is only accessible either with a traitor going through the hatch, or if you are a survivor and want to trap it and slow down a traitor, there is an entrance blocked by two breakable ice walls very deep in the SouthEast.
  • New Roles – Refer to “All Roles and How They Work”.
  • New tools – Stake launcher, another kinda crossbow like gun, a torch that provides light and small warmth, rosary, holy bible, and a flashbang. Refer to “Recipes and Cabin Essentials” for full list of recipes and uses.

New Global Events:

  • Witching Event – All animals that were killed come back as a transparent blue figure. They are all aggressive regardless of the kind of animal. Moose are passive unless attacked, but their ghosts are gonna F u up.
  • Blackout Event – This event kinda replaces the Hysteria Event. The whole map goes crazy dark, the cabin closes, and all nametags dissapear.
  • And finally Blackout starts the game with only one traitor that can convert other survivors into his team depending whether he is a Whisperer or Demon. Refer to “All Roles and How They Work” for extra info.

Some Game Mechanics You Should Know – And some General Tips

This list is going to be very out of order but to the point.

  • Some bunkers may have wolves in them where if just one person interacts with a console they’ll jump out.
  • You have 30 minutes to escape as a survivor, but the timer for the OBJ’s in their bar is the amount of time left until the traitor airdrop arrives. If you complete it before then, it will get canceled.
  • Snow Wolves in a wolf OBJ indicate the arrival of Halestorm (Polar Bear).
  • Running with an empty slot equipped makes you run slightly faster.
  • Energy drinks are in every traitor crate, they boost warmth, hunger, and health.
  • The Traitor Airdrop always has 3 Campfires, 3 Cooked Berries, 2 or 1 max lvl energy drinks, and a few weapons.

The traitor Airdrop also contains a traitor ability of the following:

  • Remote Sabotage the first objective.
  • Jam Radios.
  • Global Exile everyone from the cabin (save this one for a blizzard).

  • Whether its an animal, harvesting resources, or killing a man, always charge your hits to 90%. This gives as much dmg as possible without giving the extra animation that slows you down when you charge to 100%.
  • Fuel cannot fuel campfires.
  • Every second objective has a beacon that can be activated to let everyone know where it is.
  • Second Objectives have power lines going out from every direction. If you see power lines, follow them.
  • It was introduced a while ago to the game that you can hit multiple entities in one swing. This can help make harvesting a group of berries more efficient. Just use WASD to spin your character then take a swing. If you are a traitor, use this to your advantage. Trap a few people in a bunker and start hitting them all at once. This will also make them accidentally hit each other in the process.
  • Mines can be put on anything you interact with, and the same for poison.

  • Shotguns suck.
  • Snipers dont.
  • PCrossbows really dont.
  • Semi-Auto is very situational.
  • You can drink poison (this one may come out as useless but if you are a traitor and you see someone put some food in the cabin in front of people, secretly take a chug of poison and frame the guy).
  • As a traitor you can see traps on the ground that only you and your buddy put, but not a survivors. If you are a survivor, no one can see your traps.
  • Beartraps are OP, if you are getting chased put some down beforehand and kite them into it, then kill em.
  • If you are the guy doing the chasing, follow whomever you are chasing’s exact trail as to not step on their possibly planted b4 hand traps.
  • Dont do Wolf OBJ alone if possible, it doesnt matter if u good.
  • Using an incompatible tool with a resource node I.E. pickaxe on berries, sickle on trees, axe on stone, is faster than using your fists.
Written by DoppioGanger

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