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PULSAR: Lost Colony How to Cheese the Final Boss

This Guide will help you breeze through the final boss without a single bit of sweat! Spoiler Warning for those who care!

PULSAR: Lost Colony How to Cheese the Final Boss

The Cheese

There is a mechanic in the game that allows you to fire two different weapons without dropping a cloak while using an A.O.G. ship. These two weapons are the Bio-Hazard Turret, and the Flamelance Turret, both have a range of 2.2 km. So against any of the crewed ships you might run the risk of them direct impacting your ship with a probe, but that is a very low chance. Thankfully, that risk becomes 0% when fighting the Warp Guardian, which can’t detect you when you enter the Grand Warp Gate cloaked, and also doesn’t launch probes at you.

So, for those who are either playing singleplayer or don’t want to deal with the most mind numbing boss of your entire play through, here’s the strategy you should follow, along with some personal recommendations:

  • Start with an A.O.G. Ship,(Stargazer, Carrier, or Sylvassi Swordship), or find one and capture it.
  • Collect the 4 Data Fragments you need. None of the special effect ones are required for this, you could even have the Cursed Fragment and still beat this guy with the same amount of effort, (that being barely any).
  • Order your AI to do literally nothing if you have them. Have them stand in the cockpit uselessly. You can even remove Pi-Bot and Sci-Bot, as their skills have no bearing on this fight
  • Make sure you have the Turret Cooling and Damage Talents with your Engineer and Weapons Specialist maxed! If you don’t have one or both of them, spawn in their bots and repeat step 3!
  • Warp up to the Grand Warp Gate when you’re done with everything else, then enter it With Your Cloak Active. Once the fight starts, the Warp Guardian will literally just float around, turning every once in a while. Stay right at 2.1 km, sometimes back off if it turns weird and looks like its gonna hit you, and fire away. When the second phase comes around, it’s no different, just do the same thing.
  • You’ve reached the Lost Colony. Congratulations!

My Recommendations: I would, and have, personally fight the Warp Guardian with a Carrier, so you can use two, or both, of the Flamelance or Bio-hazard Turrets, and the distance between the nearest turret station and the Ship Controls is way closer than on the Stargazer or Swordship, which can be beneficial for solo players.

A good ship that you can grab is one of the Caustic Corsair, one of the Sector Commanders. Not only is it a heavily upgraded Carrier, but it comes with an upgraded Bio-Hazard Turret! It is the perfect ship for cheesing the final boss… If you don’t lose your sanity trying to capture it, they call them Sector Commanders for a reason!

Written by crm99336

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