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Punch Club 2: Fast Forward 100% Achievement Guide

Skeletal guide for 100% achievement, using steam description and my experience from demo. Will add a more detailed explanation and tips tricks later any input and feedback is appreciated.

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward 100% Achievement Guide

Main Achievement

Automatically acquired from playing the main storyline

100% Achievement GuideSuch a strange dream…
So far, only one thing is clear – you need to find the father. — finish prologue cutscene

100% Achievement GuideYour first fight
Better not to remember how bad your arms shook. — after the first fight at Apu’s store

100% Achievement GuideGood Person Chip
Can this device read my thoughts? — after the cuscene where you get the chip implanted at Police station

100% Achievement GuideFirst winning
You feel adrenaline in your veins. — win for the first time

100% Achievement GuideYour first job
Now you can see that getting a job isn’t that hard, right? — go to noodle man/ bobo/ russian junkyard go get a job

100% Achievement GuideDepressed visitor
You met K. He seems mysterious a little.

100% Achievement GuideNeurotrainer – power gainer!
Who said the gym doesn’t require brain, huh!? — train one time using neurotrainer in Silver’s Gym

100% Achievement GuideOld movies enjoyer
There’s something marvelous in those VHS films — watch a movie with your neigbour Henry

100% Achievement GuideIntriguing candies
These candies help your mom to sleep

100% Achievement GuideYour own amateur gym
first bought trainer

100% Achievement GuideRun K, run!

100% Achievement GuideHello, world!
install your first software

100% Achievement GuideLittle hacker
get xx use backdoors

100% Achievement GuideSpirit of the past
You have strange feelings about this place

100% Achievement GuidePal of your father?
You met Casey, he could help you find your dad.

100% Achievement GuideLaw student
According to chapter 3, paragraph 5, article 21, you’re awesome

100% Achievement GuideIt’s good to be alive
Feels like something came out of the Graveyard. Spooky.

100% Achievement Guide Handyman
renovate the gym

100% Achievement GuideOwn four walls
have your own place to live

100% Achievement GuideEscaped from a big trouble
You helped that poor guy, he is your student now.

100% Achievement GuideMysterious voice
You don’t know her, but she sounds so alluring and confident.

100% Achievement GuideGuiding on the right path
You have inspired a young one, he is your student now.

100% Achievement GuideNow you are worthy
When you have something useful for me, you will be worthy

100% Achievement GuideUnderground dwellers
fight tinfoil guy at sewer

100% Achievement GuideThe die is cast
You made your choice, and it was definitely worth it.

100% Achievement GuideMom got better
You happy to see mother’s smile again…

100% Achievement GuideGet out of my apartment!
You have proven yourself in the police. You will be better now in patrol.

100% Achievement GuideNo blades in the gym
You have proven yourself in the police. You will be better now at paperwork.

100% Achievement GuideResponsible approach
You have convinced a doubting one, he is your student now.

100% Achievement GuideDeal with life
Your mom took care of you. Now it’s up to you to take care of her!

100% Achievement GuidePoisoned fighter
It’s your lucky day that you’re not him.

100% Achievement GuideThe only right decision
Your dad is so proud of you.

100% Achievement GuideAnother world
Don’t stay here for long, otherwise your eyes will get tired.


100% Achievement GuideThe heart of the Resistance
This place keeps a lot of answers.

100% Achievement GuideThe last bell ring
You have proven yourself in the police. You will be better in relationship from colleagues.

100% Achievement GuideSeashell hunter
You have found all the lost shells. Apu is happy.

100% Achievement GuideUndercover robot

100% Achievement GuideKey memories
You’ve done your own investigation and now you know how things work in this city.

100% Achievement GuideThe lonesome road
You took your first trip outside the Town!

100% Achievement GuideProblems of cyborgs
Your leather fist is stronger than his metal things.

100% Achievement GuideGang wrangler
Be a dragon like Kazuma Kiryu

100% Achievement GuideNot little hacker
You don’t know how it happened, but somehow you deal with things like that.

100% Achievement GuideKeep nature safe
Now you know where the slimes came from.

100% Achievement GuideFamily comes first
Let it be good, do what you should.

100% Achievement GuideAnyone can resist
Slimes can rise too. Why not?

100% Achievement GuideSilver’s past
Did Silver tell you something that wasn’t a lie?

100% Achievement GuideTrap disarmed
You finally put an end to all the unpleasant brutality. The city is saved!

100% Achievement GuideBetter cooking at home
You found out what was with that poisoned food.

side achievement

100% Achievement GuideFirst defeat
Lose one time

100% Achievement GuideNo bullying more
Defeat Huey (rank 7) at Silver’s League

100% Achievement GuideYour own way
Now you fight your own way

100% Achievement GuideExtreme neuropower!
extreme neurotraining intake damages your brain.

100% Achievement GuideLegal courier
You have defended your right to be a legal courier

100% Achievement GuideEmployee of the week
Get your first promotion at work

100% Achievement GuideEmployee of the month
Get promoted

100% Achievement GuideEmployee of the year

100% Achievement GuideCareerist
You have reached significant heights in your work, your mother can be proud of you!

100% Achievement GuideFitness professional
Achieve any stat to 5

100% Achievement GuideWorkout professional
Achieve any stat to 15 value

100% Achievement GuideGYM professional
Achieve any stat to 30 value

100% Achievement GuideFighting is cool
win 10 times

100% Achievement GuideFight for life
win 25 times

100% Achievement GuideFight is life
win 50 times

100% Achievement GuideChampion – starter pack
Now you are the best among the worst! New horizons are waiting for you

100% Achievement GuideChampion – no way back
You won the Second Division of the Pro League! The absolute championship

100% Achievement Guide Absolute Champion!
You’re the most powerful fighter now, right?


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