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PvZ Battle for Neighborville Byte Knight (Bounty Hunt)

One of the key side activities available to players in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville is the task of hunting down certain characters who have a hefty bounty placed on them. There are several bounties spread across the Town Center, all difficult and challenging in their own right.

These bounty hunts are all essentially boss fights, so be sure you’re leveled up and have the proper character equipped before jumping into the fray. To start the fight, go to the specific location and look for a glowing, golden box and open it. This will make the character spawn into the area and the scuffle begins! You will have to complete the battle in a set time limit, therefore you have to be on the offensive at all times; no time to dawdle.

PvZ Battle for Neighborville Byte Knight

Go to Uno Taco, close to the Museum. Head to the roof of Uno Taco and cross the plank to the roof of the other building; the chest that activates the hunt is there.

As soon as the fight begins you’ll notice that Byte Knight is impervious to all damage (indicated by his rainbow-colored exterior). The only way to damage him is to locate a ring of light somewhere nearby.

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Only within the ring does Byte Knight become susceptible to any sort of attack. However, Byte Knight excels at close range combat, so be very careful; try to maintain enough distance to remain within the ring and not give him too much room to attack. He can use some long-ranged attacks, so be wary of those.

The ring will actually move around, so be mindful of your surroundings and quickly move from one area to the other when the ring changes positions. You must lure him to the ring, and also keep a close eye for any grunts in the area, they make the fight more difficult than it has to be.

You will get the following rewards for completing this bounty:

  • Armor Harmer Medal
  • +500 XP
  • 10,000 Coins
  • 25 Tacos

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