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PvZ Battle for Neighborville Ninjimp (Bounty Hunt)

One of the key side activities available to players in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville is the task of hunting down certain characters who have a hefty bounty placed on them. There are several bounties spread across the Town Center, all difficult and challenging in their own right.

These bounty hunts are all essentially boss fights, so be sure you’re leveled up and have the proper character equipped before jumping into the fray. To start the fight, go to the specific location and look for a glowing, golden box and open it. This will make the character spawn into the area and the scuffle begins! You will have to complete the battle in a set time limit, therefore you have to be on the offensive at all times; no time to dawdle.

PvZ Battle for Neighborville Ninjimp

In the Steep Mines, north of the map. Arguably the trickiest Hunt out of all of ‘em. The boss itself is not too much of a problem; it’s a tiny ninja – agile and swift – accompanied by two copycats.

All 3 will simultaneously attack you, however killing the copycats is incredibly easy… and that’s exactly why this is a tricky fight. Killing the copycats results in you failing the hunt. You cannot, under any circumstance, kill them.

The way to go about it is to test the waters and use your weakest attack and figure out which one of them is the real Ninjimp. It usually takes a few hits to kill the copycat, so 1 hit won’t kill it but it will reveal whether it is or isn’t a fake. You’ll be able to figure it out by looking at their health bar; if one shot greatly reduces their overall health, then it’s not the real Ninjimp. Focus fire on the actual Ninjimp and keep attacking him and him alone until it goes down.

  • Ninjimp Knock-Offs Medal
  • +500 XP
  • 10,000 Coins
  • 25 Sheriff Badges

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