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PvZ Battle for Neighborville Queenigma (Bounty Hunt)

One of the key side activities available to players in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville is the task of hunting down certain characters who have a hefty bounty placed on them. There are several bounties spread across the Town Center, all difficult and challenging in their own right.

These bounty hunts are all essentially boss fights, so be sure you’re leveled up and have the proper character equipped before jumping into the fray. To start the fight, go to the specific location and look for a glowing, golden box and open it. This will make the character spawn into the area and the scuffle begins! You will have to complete the battle in a set time limit, therefore you have to be on the offensive at all times; no time to dawdle.

PvZ Battle for Neighborville Queenigma

Can be found near the log cabins, by the lake (Weirding Woods). Queenigma is never truly impervious to damage like the Hunts preceding her. However, when she’s performing her special attack, she takes less damage than what she otherwise would. While performing her special attack, she will move swiftly to and fro, emitting a noxious, purple gas; this gas will completely obstruct and warp your vision, making you practically blind for a short period of time.

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Many grunts will attack you in that time period, so keep moving, alternatively, you can attack in all directions with the explicit purpose of taking out enemies. Once she’s performed her special attack, do as much damage as possible. A relatively easy boss fight, just make sure not to that you aren’t facing overwhelming odds when blinded.

  • Diss From a Rose Medal
  • +625 XP
  • 10,000 Coins
  • 25 Marshmallows

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