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Quake II Remastered Boomer Improvements

An ongoing list of improvements to make Nightdive’s Quake II remaster more like vanilla.

Quake II Remastered Boomer Improvements

>Inb4, “jUsT pLaY a SoUrCe PoRt!”
>Inb4, “Uh actually sweaty, these changes were in the design document…”

It’s a great remaster; don’t get me wrong. But there are multiple changes that cannot currently be turned off in menu that affect the game.


Remove Weapon Changing Sound That Came From Quake III

  • Go to …Quake 2rereleasebaseq2 and put this[drive.google.com] file in there.

Change Green Crosses back to Red Crosses

  • Go to …Quake 2rereleasebaseq2 and put this[drive.google.com] file in there.

Console Commands

Note: “x” is your variable

Field of View:

fov_0 x

Disable Underwater FX:

r_skipUnderWaterFX 1

Change HUD Size:

scr_scale x

Disable Fast Weapon Switch

g_quick_weapon_switch 0

Change View Model (Weapon) Position X, Y, Z

gun_x x
gun_y x
gun_z x

Remove Static Shadows

r_staticshadows 0

Launch Options

Turn Off Startup Movies and Splash Screen

Use the code below in launch options on Steam or on the .exe shortcut:



Remove Hit Markers

  • In menu go to Options, Gameplay, and turn hit markers off

Remove Green Glowing Effect When Hit

  • Options, Accessibility, and turn screen flash amount to 0

Unresolved Changes

  • New SFX for footsteps
  • Berserker has a range [pun intended] of new moves.
  • AI behavior changes.
  • Machine gun recoil pattern.
  • Blaster is stronger and faster.
  • New powerup FX.
  • Damage direction indicator.
  • No more wiggly animations with new models enabled.
  • Muzzle flashes.
  • Cannot use original FMVs.
  • New map areas.
  • More enemies.
  • Main menu is no longer all dog tags.
  • Death messages have replaced “his” with “their.”
  • Rail gun was nerfed.
  • Hyperblaster was buffed.
  • Shotgun spread was changed.
  • Grenades bounce differently.
  • Parasites are now projectile instead of hitscan.
  • Player movement is different.
  • (Will add more as they are found)

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