Raft Achievement Guide

Raft Achievement Guide

A Guide to the achievements of Raft.

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Kill Achievements

Beginner Bird Hunter

Kill A Bird

How to do: Kill a seagull. The easiest way is with a farm plot with flower seeds (easily replaceable if they get eaten), to lure the seagull down, or a scarecrow. Shoot the bird with a bow and arrow. It IS possible to kill a seagull with a spear, but it isn’t likely and very frustrating to do. While with a bow and arrow, the seagull won’t even fly away if shot.

Intermediate Bird Hunter

Kill 10 Birds

How to do: As with the Beginner Achievement, Kill 10 Seagulls.

Expert Bird Hunter

Kill 50 Birds

How to do: As with the Beginner and Intermediate achievements, simply kill 50 birds.

Beginner Shark Hunter

Kill A Shark

How to do: Kill a shark using a spear. Can be done over time as the shark attacks the raft and you fend him off, or by facing him directly in the water.

Number of Hits To Kill:

Wooden Spear > 30 Stabs
Metal Spear > 15 Stabs
Bow and Arrow -> 10 Shots

How to kill:

I find the easiest way to kill the shark is to have a metal spear and dive into the water (be sure to anchor your Raft or you will get left behind!) You want to stab AS SOON as the shark opens its mouth to bite you. If you stab too late it will still bite you, even if you damage it. The moment the shark opens its mouth, stab it, and it will turn and retreat. It comes back from the same direction it left, so keep your eye where it went. It is much harder to fight at night than during the day.

Intermediate Shark Hunter

Kill 10 Sharks

How to do: As with the Beginner Achievement, kill 10 Sharks

Expert Shark Hunter

Kill 50 Sharks

How to do: As with Intermediate and Expert Achievements, kill 50 sharks.

Building Achievements

Beginner Builder

Build 10 Foundations

How to do: Should unlock in the natural course of the game. Simply build 10 foundations with the building hammer, using Wood Planks and Plastic.

Intermediate Builder

Build 100 Foundations

How to do: As with the Beginner Achievement, construct 100 Foundations

Expert Builder

Build 1000 Foundations

How to do: As with the Beginner and Intermediate Achievements, build 1000 Foundations.

Aye Aye Captain!

Craft and Place a Sail and Stationary Anchor

How to do: MUST be placed in the same play session. If you place one, and then exit the game and place the other later, it will not be unlocked. You can pick up and replace both sail and anchor using X, so if you place one first it is easy enough to place both at once to unlock the achievement


Craft and Place a Simple Grill

How to do: Build a Simple Grill. Should naturally occur in the beginning days of a game so that you can get a source of food. Also counts if you pick one up and put it down, for multiplayer games


Have 20 Crop Plots on the same raft

How to do: Simply build 20 crop plots, of any size, and place them upon your raft. They do not require to be planted to count


Have 20 Storages on the same raft

How to do: Build 20 storages (Of any size), and place them upon your raft.

It’s Better without the Salt

Craft and Place a Simple Purifier

How to do: Should be one of your first tasks in the early game. Can be unlocked by picking up an existing purifier and putting it back down, for multiplayer games

This Goes Here!

Break or Pick up 100 Blocks

How to do: Break or pick up 100 ITEMS. This could be chests, walls, furniture, sail, anchor, etc.

Gather Achievements

Beginner Gatherer

Hook 100 Items

How to do: Using a hook, catch and reel in 100 items. Should unlock over the natural course of the game.

Intermediate Gatherer

Hook 500 Items

How to do: As with the Beginner Achievement, use your hook to reel in 500 Items.

Expert Gatherer

Hook 5000 Items

How to do: As with the Intermediate and Beginner Achievements, use your Hook to reel in 5000 Items.

Survival Achievements

Beginner Survivor

Survive 1 Day

How to do: Will unlock naturally. Just survive 1 day on your raft. Does not mean you cannot die, even if you die it will still count the day as a day.

Intermediate Survivor

Survive 7 Days

How to do: Survive a week (7 days), in game.

Expert Survivor

Survive 30 Days

How to do: Will unlock naturally over the course of the game. Sleeping through the night will speed up the process.

Master Survivor

Survive 365 Days

How to do: Survive a full year (365 days), in game. Sleeping through the night will speed this up.

An Ocean Cemetary

Die 25 Times.

How to do: Self-explanatory. Whether through Hunger, Thirst, Shark, or Drowning, die 25 times. Shark is probably the quickest way.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Beginner Painter

Paint 50 Blocks

How to do: Using Paint and a Brush, paint 50 ITEMS. This is not dry bricks like the achievement text suggests, but rather any item that is paintable. This includes foundations, walls, stairs, etc. To make paint, you need a Paint Mill and Flowers. A Paintbrush requires Seagull Feathers.

Intermediate Painter

Paint 200 Blocks

How to do: As with the Beginner achievement, paint 200 Items

Expert Painter

Paint 1000 Blocks

How to do: As with Beginner and Intermediate Achievements, paint 1000 Items


Research Everything in the Research Table

How to do: First, you need to build a Research Table. To Research an item you need to place a resource into the slot and research it. This will apply it to any recipe that uses that resource. Do this for all resources listed and you will be able to learn the recipe. Do this for all recipes to get the Achievement. This will require one of pretty much every non-food resource in game, including refined resources.

Explore the Depths

Reach a Depth of 100 Meters below the Surface

How to do: Dive 100 meters down. You will require flippers and multiple Oxygen Bottles to reach the required Depth. Anchor near an island so that you have the cliff wall to help you find your way back up, as it gets very dark once down deep.

Is there a Utopia?

Find the White Board in the Radio Station

How to do: This end-game location can only be found by building and using a Receiver. You will need 3 Antennae, placed at separate ends of your raft, to triangulate the position. It will also require a sail and possibly multiple paddles, as it is often far away and against the ocean current. Climb the tower you find to reach the board for this achievement.


Team up with a friend in Multiplayer

How to do: Join a friend in a Multiplayer game. Either host a game, and check the box to allow friends to join, or have your friend do so. Then join your friend / have your friend join you.

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