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Raft Efficiency/Time Saving Tips for Master Survivor

These are some ways to make Master Survivor take the minimum amount of time (97 hours 20 minutes at best).

Background (and a little bit of math)

From my own testing, an hour in Raft is a minute or damn close to it. If you have some sort of bed on your Raft (basically a must if you want this achievement) you can go to sleep at 8pm and you wake up at 4am regardless of when you start sleeping.

So a day is 16 minutes at its shortest, meaning for 365 days you have 16*365 = 5840 minutes or 97 hours and 20 minutes of gameplay during which you can get every achievement twice at least based of how quickly I got them.

For those people who are insane enough to not use a bed for this, it is going to take you 365*24= 8760 minutes or 146 hours for comparison so using a bed is really the way to go unless you want to get all the other achievement a third time for good measure.

Tip 1 – Go to sleep as soon as you can

Pretty self explanatory and obvious I know but it is more or less the most important thing for you to be doing. I usually end up getting into a bed a bit before 8pm so as soon as it ticks over to the “You can sleep now” part of the day you are sleeping.

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Lets say you are consistantly about 10 seconds late to sleeping or every now and then you get caught up in whatever you are doing. That equates to (and yes this is more math. If anyone knows something I can cash in all these nerd points for I have I need to get rid of some) 10*365= 3650 seconds (shocking I know) or 3650/ = 60 minutes 50 seconds or basically an hour extra time you have to stick around and kill the shark or expand your mango growing empire before getting Master Survivor and you really quickly gotta start making your own goals after getting everything unlocked and the rest of the achievements once or twice so sleeping right when you can is a real time saver.

Tip 2 – Make some of the nice-to-have items

Keeping track of how many days it has been by carving it into a stone tablet works but I would recomment hanging up a Calendar and a Clock (found in the secorations tab at the bottom of your crafting area) to do all the heavy lifting for you and so you don’t need to stock up on stone tablets or vampire blood to keep track yourself.

Clocks do need to be researched and you do need to find bolts or wait until Metal ingots are not too hard to come by in order to do so. Clocks require Planks, Plastic, Scrap, and Bolts to be researched so there are no specialty ingredients needed and those items are needed for almost everything anyway so unlocking the Clock shouldn’t break the bank.

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Tip 3 – Keep a lot of planks and don’t just leave the game running

Besides having your player die of hunger and/or thirst you still kinda need a raft to survive on one so you need to be on the ball for the shark coming in and biting on all your meticulously crafted bits of plastic and driftwood.

While you do need some room on your raft if you want to place down any number of the decent items you get later on to grow trees and the like, I would recommend that, especially if you, like me, keep most of your stuff on the base level of your raft, you make it small enough that while standing in a central point you should be able to hear when the shark starts biting your raft and go stab/shoot the big bitey meany (what I originally put here got censored so I obviously had to double down on the kid friendly) in the face and repair that section of raft.

If you have a good amount of Metal and Scrap I would recommend putting Foundation Armor (American spelling I know but its the name of the option) found at the far right of the flooring tab of the Building Hammer. It does cost a metal Ingot and 2 Nails but it quarduples the health of any Foundation, meaning it takes the shark 4 passes before they are destroyed, so putting these around at least the edge of your raft, aka the place the shark is most likely going to bite, is a big help. The shark does seem to like specific tiles more than others, so if Metal Ingots are not very abundant on your raft you might want to just put the Armor on those tiles.

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What I have ended up doing is leaving my player in the central point on my raft and watching something on my other monitor or doing something else that i can put down quickly to kill/drive off the shark when it gets hungry for my raft.

Step 4 – Profit

Congratulations, you now have all you need to most efficiently sit around for almost 100 hours to get a little prise that untilmately has no bearing on the rest of your life! Now you have a bunch of time to practice your carpentry, make something strange out of the stupid amount of feathers you have collected, and perfect your method of searing shark steaks!

Fun fact: I wrote all of this while waiting for the last few days to get my Master Survivor achievement and am finishing up writting this on day 361 so really this is all just heresay and conjecture because I don’t actually have the achievement yet.

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  1. “Foundation Armor (…) quarduples the health of any Foundation, meaning it takes the shark 4 passes before they are destroyed (…)” – this seems outdated. Reinforcing the foundation makes it indestructible (shark never attacks it).


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