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Raft How to Kill Poison Puffer-Fish

A guide detailing the easiest strategies I have found to deal with The Poison Puffer.

How to Kill Poison Puffer

The Puffer-Fish can be found underwater next to large islands, usually near treasure spots. Greenish goo puddles on the surface of the water can indicate there’s one under it. There are usually 3-4 Puffer-Fish per island, sometimes more.

If you get too close, it will explode and disappear leaving a yellow smokescreen that does multiple small damage until it disappears. If you stay too long in it, it will kill you even if you came with full life. If you leave the smoke you will keep getting hit several times before it stops.

Get just close enough for it to start charging you then swim backward while shooting it with the bow. Do the same if you’re using the spear or the stone, it’s just harder because you need to allow it to get even closer to be able to hit but not close enough for it to touch you and explode.

If you kill it without it exploding, you will get 1 Explosive Goo and 1 Puffer-Fish Head and have a 33% chance to get another Explosive Goo.

8 HP (easy/normal) / 10 HP (hard)
Hits required to kill it.

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WeaponWooden SpearStoneMetal SpearStone ArrowMacheteMetal Arrow

How to attack a Poison Puffer

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