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Raft How to Kill Screecher

A guide detailing the easiest strategies I have found to deal with The Screecher.

How to Kill Screecher

How to Kill Screecher in Raft

Screechers patrol Big Islands, and will try to drop rocks on your head the moment you get near, even if you haven’t set foot on the island yet. There is only one, and it does not respawn.

An annoying bird to fight, but it’s easier than you think once you get the hang of it. I recommend the Bow and Arrow for this, as it is hard to get to him in time to stab him before he flies off. Also, being right next to him when he takes off with a boulder means he instantly drops it on your head, no time to dodge.

Below is a video where I show you how, but for those that don’t want to watch it, I will detail it here:

  • Get to high ground, preferably a hill that doesn’t have a lot of stuff around it so that you can always see where the Screecher is.
  • When he lands to pick up a boulder, you can try to hit him but he might be too far away or the arch of the arrow hard to predict. It is easier to wait for him to come at you with the boulder and shoot just above his head once he is close. You can easily dodge his boulder by sprinting after firing.
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20 HP (easy/normal) / 25 HP (hard)
Hits required to kill it.

WeaponWooden SpearStoneMetal SpearStone ArrowMacheteMetal Arrow

How to attack a Screecher

It’s end. I hope “Raft How to Kill Screecher” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

Written by Jynn

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