Raft: How to Kill Shark

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A guide detailing the easiest strategies I have found to deal with The Shark.

How to Kill Shark

Fighting the Shark is a constant battle you deal with on your Raft, but he is very easy to fight in the open water once you know the strategy.

Below is a video where I show you how, but for those that don’t want to watch it, I will detail it here:

  • Watch for the Shark. Once you know where he is, jump into the water with your spear. This is so that he doesn’t get a surprise bite on you when you jump in, you’ll know where he is.
  • As he comes towards you, stab him as soon as he opens his mouth. You want to stab the moment his mouth opens, if you wait too long after he’ll get a bite on you.
  • When he turns aside after being stabbed, you can get a second stab into his tail.


  • Wooden Spear: 30 Stabs
  • Metal Spear: 15 Stabs
  • Bow: 10 Arrows

The Shark


It’s end. I hope “Raft: How to Kill Shark” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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Written by Jynn