Raft Tangaroa Walkthrough & Guide (All Notes/Blueprints, Tokens)

Raft Tangaroa Walkthrough & Guide

There’s an entry to the dome at water level. Park your raft between that entry and the huge
door which you will be able to open from the inside later on.

  • There are 10 documents.
  • There are 4 blueprints : one for the Water Pipe, one for the Electric Purifier, one for the Large Storage and one for the Water Tank.

The coordinates for the next story place are inside the top of the tower which you need to detach by entering a code so that it will fall in the water where you can reach the inside.

Raft Tangaroa Map
Raft Tangaroa Map

Tangaroa Walkthrough

Arriving at the Island: You’ll see a huge dome when you arrive with 5 enormous locked doors on the sides that you will be able to open from the inside. Try to find an opening on the sea level, this is how you can enter the dome for the first time.

=> There are several doors that can only be opened from the other side. They are a way of quickly coming back to where you were.
=> Walk through the corridors until you find a Cafeteria. There’s a [Note] in the middle of the room and 2 Lurkers.
=> There’s a kitchen connected to the Cafeteria with another [Note], a [Generator Part] and another Lurker.
=> When you exit the kitchen to a corridor, you will be facing a set of bars with another [Generator Part] behind it. Just go around through the left to reach it. Careful though there will be another Lurker on the way there.
=> Come back and follow the signs to the Storage Area where you will find the last [Generator Part].
=> Inside the Storage Area there is a broken ladder you can’t reach and another ladder that leads to the Control Room. Take it and interact with the machine there to power it with the generator parts you’ve found. This will allow you to use the crane.

=> Move the boxes with the crane to free a passage to the exit on the right when facing the boxes. A secret room south of the boxes can be accessed that way too (and give you the achievement “Boxed In!”).

Sliding Puzzle:

=> After the puzzle you will find a room with a [Blueprint](Water Pipe) and a [Note].
=> Continue forwards (careful for the Lurker there) until you find a ladder with the sign “Surface Access” next to it. Climb it and interact with the latch which will start filling the place with water and open a door nearby.
=> Go through that door and continue until you reach the Storage Area again. The water now allows you to reach the broken ladder to the upper part where there’s a [Note].
=> Continue until you find the Plantation. You need to find 3 tapes (one next to the locked door, two in another room nearby) to unlock the next door by repairing the electrical box next to it. There’s also a [Note] next to that door.
=> In the next room there’s a locked door, another [Note] and the exit to the Surface.
=> You need another 9 tapes to unlock the doors in the Plantation area so go to the surface to explore the different buildings.

=> There’s a [Note] in front of the statue facing you when you exit the Underground area.
=> Break Butler-Bots to get access cards to open the buildings’ entrance door. You need one card per building and the Butler-Bots come back to life with a new card after a while.
=> You can also find tokens inside the buildings that can be used to buy stuff at the vending machines at the bottom of the Tower (the tokens reappear everytime you come back to Tangaroa).
=> Careful there are sometimes Lurkers inside the buildings.
=> There are often two buildings with the same number. Only one building with each number is accessible except for Buildings 2 where you can enter both of them (in that case I will specify the street the building is on).

Building 1
=> 4 tokens and 2 tapes

Building 2 (Exterior Lane)
=> Floor 6 – 2 tapes
=> Floor 8 – 2 tokens and 1 tape

Building 5
=> 4 tokens and 2 tapes

Building 9
=> Floor 11 – 2 tokens and 1 tape
=> Floor 13 – 3 tokens and 2 tapes

Building 8
=> Floor 12 – 3 tokens and 1 tape
=> Floor 14 – 1 token and 4 tapes

Building 2 (Bazaar)
=> 2 tapes

Building 3
=> 3 tokens and 2 tapes

=> Find the broken wires (small grey boxes on the wall) and repair them with 3 tapes each (there are 3 broken wires so you need 9 tapes, each fixed box opens up a new area with the next broken box).
=> The last door leads to a [Blueprint] (Electric Purifier).
=> Continue forwards and follow the signs to the Elevator (that allows you to reach Building 6).

Building 6
=> Floor -20 – There’s a secret button inside the elevator, on the upper left corner of the door; press it to reach that floor. It will also give you the achievement “You Should Not Be Here!”.
=> Floor 8 – 7 tokens
=> There’s an outside area with stairs, take them to a building and cross it until you see a broken window. Go through this window then climb the boxes to the roof to find a zipline to reach Floor 12 of Building 2 (Bazaar).

Building 2 (Bazaar)
=> Floors 12 to 15 – 4 tokens (1 for each floor)
=> At the last floor there will be another broken window with a zipline, take it to reach the middle of the Tower.

=> Climb the ladder to reach Floor 1 where you will find an elevator.
=> Floor 2 – You will find a [Blueprint] (Large Storage) and a [Note]. The note is a hint to find the code needed for the panel just next to it. The drawings represent buildings in Tangaroa and the names are the streets the buildings are on. You’re supposed to find these buildings and look at their number then follow the order on the note to get the code.
=> Enter the code (4813) to detach the Tower Top which will fall into the sea where you can reach it.
=> Floor 0 – There’s a [Note] there.
=> Go straight east after leaving the Tower to reach the exit door that leads to the Tower Top.

Exterior (sea) and Tower Top
=> Climb the ladder on the Tower Top to get inside.
=> There will be a [Note] with the next coordinates and a [Blueprint] (Water Tank) just next to the ladder you took to get inside.
=> The unlockable character Elaine is also not far from this ladder.
=> There is another [Note] that can be found a bit farther, on a control panel.

Tangaroa (Notes/Blueprints/Tokens)


The 1st document is on a counter inside the Cafeteria, in the underground area.
=> [Tulley has been making us…] – Page 27

The 2nd document is next to a blueprint and the ladder for the surface area ( where it floods the place when you open the latch at the top of the ladder ).
=> [The engines started burning…] – Page 27

The 3rd document is in the room above the Storage Area, you can reach it by climbing on the containers when the room is flooded to reach the broken ladder.
=> [We headed for the habitat after…] – Page 28

The 4th document is in the plantation, in the underground area. It’s just next the first door you have to open by fixing the wires with tape.
=> [We’ve got a major beetle…] – Page 30

The 5th document is at the surface, in front of one of the huge exit doors : the one just behind the underground exit.
=> [We finally managed to find…] – Page 29

The 6th document is at the surface, in front of the man’s statue, just in front of the underground exit.
=> [Things have gotten quiet…] – Page 29

The 7th document is on the 2nd Floor of the Tower, just next to the panel where you have to enter a code.
=> [Tranquil st. ___] – Page 31

The 8th document is on Floor 0 of the Tower, you should find it when you try leaving the tower.
=> [(Transcribed) -No sir, they haven’t…] – Page 30

The 9th document is on a control panel inside the tower top you’ve detached from the rest of the tower by entering the panel code. You can find the tower top in the water not far from one of the huge door exits.
=> – Page 32

The 10th document is also inside the tower top. It’s a post-it easy to miss, just next to where you’ve found the blueprint.
=> [Varuna Point] – Page 33

Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes
Raft Tangaroa Notes


Raft Tangaroa Blueprints
Raft Tangaroa Blueprints
Raft Tangaroa Blueprints
Raft Tangaroa Blueprints


Tokens: There are 33 tokens that you can find. They all respawn when you come back to Tangaroa and you can use them on the vending machines at the bottom of the tower.

Building 1 – Floor 8 [4 Tokens]

Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations

Building 2 (Exterior Lane) – Floor 8 [2 Tokens]

Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations

Building 5 – Floor 8 [4 Tokens]

Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations
Raft Tangaroa Token Locations

Building 9 – Floor 11 [2 Tokens]

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