Raft Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This guide contains tips and tricks that I hope you will find useful.

Food and Water

Who doesn’t love food? Who doesn’t need water? Especially when you are stranded on a Raft in the middle of an ocean! But how in the world do you get food and water when you are stranded on a raft in the middle of an ocean. Here are some of the ways you can get food and the one way you can get water in the game Raft

For food:

1. Fishing is a really good and easy way to get food. If you want to fish you’ll need a fishing rod which you can craft using some wood and rope. Also in order to make shark bait you need two different kinds of fish which can be obtained by fishing with the fishing rod.

2. Potatoes and beets can be found in barrels. So if you need a quick snack try and find a nice juciy potato or beet.. or well a nice soggy potato or beet in a barrel.

3. Growing food is another good way to get food, but it is probably one of the most expensive ways as well. It is expensive because you need fresh water and a beet or potato, and it also takes time for the crops to grow. But after you harvest what you planted you will have double the amount of food that you planted.

4. The most dangerous way to get food is by killing the shark. I have discovered that the first shark you see will follow you until you kill it. It does not ever stop following you and give up unless you kill it. I figured this out one time when the shark was attacking my raft and I killed it in only a few hits. So try to everytime the shark attacks your raft hit it at least once and you will eventaully kill it, and I learned from other people that you should stab the shark a couple more times after it is dead to get all you can out of it. I did this and I got two more shark meat and the shark head. So what they are saying is true you should definately stab it a couple more times.

Those are all the ways I have personally got food from. I know there are more ways to get food but I have not gotten food by them personally yet.

For water:

There is only one way I know of to get water that you can actaully drink without it taking away at your thirst bar, and that is by purifiing water from the ocean aka salt water. Sidenote you have to have purified water to water crops. All you have to do to get water is to catch some supplies floating by, build a plastic cup, then build a water purifier, then fill the plastic cup with salt water, then put your saltwater into the water purifier, then give the water purifier some fuel aka wood, and then Voila you have water. There is also another water purifier that you can build but I have not built it yet.

General Tips and Tricks

These are some tips that are just useful to know in general.

1. The first six things that you should build in order are,

  • Water Purifier and plastic cup
  • Wodden Spear
  • Small Grill
  • Fishing Rod
  • Hammer
  • Reaserch table

The reason why I put the spear before the small grill is because the shark will be attacking and destroying your raft and it is hard to place a small grill on a raft when you have no raft. Also, as long as you are grabbing the barrels floating by you should be able not to starve because barrels sometimes have beets and potatos in them. For those who do not know the hammer lets you build a bigger raft, and can also help you repair your raft if the shark attacks and does not destroy anything.

Now back to the normal tips.

2. Drinking un purified water aka salt water will hurt your hydration bar not help it.

3. Try to reasearch the net as soon as possible.

4. If you see another raft floating in the distance and decide to ditch your raft and go to that other one because it is bigger do not do this. Because you will find a crate on that raft and once you open it the raft will start sinking. Now, that does not mean don’t get the crate on it, because the crate has some useful stuff in it, but it means don’t ditch your raft for the other raft.

5. Never lose track of your raft! I made this mistake and lost my raft I eventually just abondaned that game.

6. If you want to hook supplies, something I have found usfuel is to use two fences at one of the front corners of your raft and make a corner. That way you can run into it and hook things and not have the fear of falling off.

7. Never use rope fences it is a waste of supplies. Instead just use plain wooden fences. The reason why is because rope fences cost two wood and two rope, and normal wooden fences use only 2 wood.

8. Use fences at the edges of your raft so you do not fall off.

9. I am not the first person to say this, thankfully I read other peoples tips before something bad happened. But whenever you have something important like storage or a water pruifier or anything, make sure that it is not on the outer edge of your raft so that the shark does not destroy it. You can use the hammer to build platforms around it.

10. You need to give the water purifier fuel aka wood in order for it to purify your water.

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