Rage 2: ChazCar Derby Walkthrough

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ChazCar Derby Walkthrough

The ChazCar Derby track is somewhat close to the MBTV studio, so get back in your car, set your destination for the quest marker to the northeast, and start driving. Once you arrive at the front gate hop out of your car and walk into the small town. Head toward the quest marker to meet with Chaz, but before speaking with him take a right and walk behind the nearby buildings. You will see an open window at the end of the path ahead of you. Hop inside to find a Storage Container. Go back and speak with Chaz whenever you are ready to race. Another contract signing is initiated, then you will be placed directly into the race.

To be victorious you must win a two lap race against 8 other racers. The best tip I can give here is to be consistent and be careful. This is a fairly lenient race, so you don’t need to be moving at max speed at all times. It’s better to take a sharp turn slowly and safely than spin out and get passed up.

Become familiar with the boost and drift buttons. Boost allows you to gain a ton of speed on straightaways, and regain speed if you ever have to slow down or spin out. It comes back pretty quickly, but don’t abuse it too much or you risk getting into an irredeemable crash. Drifting around the sharp turns is also helpful as it allows you to maintain your speed around corners.

Take as many tries as you need to win this race, and once you are done you can fast travel back to Wellspring and go speak to that bouncer again. This time he will let you in so you can finally meet with Klegg. This will initiate a long scene where he takes you up to his office (which is filled with piles of lootable money, and also contains 3 Data Pads inside) and gives you a long speech. Once he goes to take a phone call place the gizmo on his computer and head back to the elevator. Unfortunately Klegg knows what you are up to, so the elevator ends up dropping you into a pit with a giant mutant named Jumbo.

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  1. Me: *Wins the race, opponents so far behind they aren’t a factor anymore*

    Game: *2nd place*

    Me: *Rage quit*

  2. I don’t play racing games, so this quest finished my progress. Until some geek finds how to make cheat “win-the-race”.
    Rage 2 PC have kinda shitty vehicle commands; mouse is useless, and I am used to Borderlands* vehicle commands where mouse is used for steering wheels.

    BTW, I bought Rage 2 to waste some time untill Borderlands 3 comes to Steam.
    Also, to Randy Greedy Bitchford:
    I hope you’ll finish as John Lennon.

    1. Same here. The controls are horrible for the vehicle. So I will go blow things up until I get bored then play something else

  3. I have a “little” problem with this race. My car is exploding randomly,after a jump. I tried 20x times,and the result is always the same…. BOOOOM!!! Any ideas?

  4. I dont know wtf a race has to do when they package the game as a fps. very moronic and puts me off bathesda. Ive tried for three days to beat the race and too many bugs in it. rage 2 definately blows. cant progress and finish a fps because they deemed a race necessary to finish the game.

  5. I was thoroughly enjoying Rage 2, until I got to the ChazCar Derby. After a dozen attempts to win the race the game came to a screeching halt for me. I ran out of gas and patience. I’m not ashamed to admit I suck at racing games, but I think it was a ridiculous decision on the game designer’s part to make the race mandatory in order to progress with the game. So, screw it. I quit. Rage 2 is a fun game, but not fun enough to put up with the aggravating race.

  6. They should have made the 1st race extramly easy just so you could progress through the game then make the other races a set difficulty for anyone wanting to do it for the cars and everything else

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