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Rage 2: General Cross Walkthrough

General Cross Walkthrough

Surprise! Time for a battle with the General himself. Luckily he’s quite the pushover despite all his boasting and flashy moves. After slamming the ground a few times Cross will try and charge at you. Simply shoot at him with the assault rifle while backpedaling and you can likely burn down his first phase before he reaches you. With ⅓ of his health gone he will run to the middle of the room and hide behind a barrier. Mutants will drop into the room, and you can quickly deal with them with your shotgun while waiting for the next phase. Cross will summon some weird hanging coffins to power his shield. Shoot the coffins to destroy them and expose him.

Rinse and repeat this exact process two more times. Cross will become increasingly angry as the fight goes on, but he doesn’t really get any stronger. Once you take out the last third of his health a cutscene will begin where Cross explains he will be replaced by another clone, then he kills himself. Walker will tear Cross’s head off, and you will regain control. Head out the open door and down the hall where you will find another elevator. Use the hand scanner to ascend back to the entrance of the Lazarus facility. Go outside (don’t forget to grab the preciously locked up Data Pad) then fast travel back to Kvasir’s lab. Head inside and offer him Cross’s head to complete the mission.

This completes Kvasir’s quest line. To unlock the final mission, Project Dagger, complete Marshall and Hagar’s quest lines as well.

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