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Rage 2: Mutant Bash TV Walkthrough

Mutant Bash TV Walkthrough

To get to the Mutant Bash TV studio, fast travel to Gunbarrel then set your destination for the quest marker northeast of the city. Follow the arrows to the studio, hop out of your car and head inside. Stepping into the studio will initiate a long cutscene where the Mutant Bash host makes you sign a contract to take part in the show. Take the elevator down to the waiting room when you are ready to battle. If you want to win some extra MBTV tokens, accept one of the Challenge Board conditions before entering the arena.

Arena 1: Red Carpet Carnage
Extremely straight forward. Mutants will rush into the room, and there are no dangerous obstacles to hinder you. I recommend just strafing around with the shotgun and picking them off one by one. Don’t forget to grab your MBTV tokens off the ground!

Arena 2: Ball Room Blitz
In this room there are two giant electrified pendulums on the sides of the room. Stay in the middle to avoid running into them, and use your shotgun to fend off the approaching enemies. Sometimes the pendulums will shock the mutants as they spawn, so use them to get some easy kills.

Arena 3: Garden Party Rampage
Similar to arena 2 there is an obstacle surrounding the middle platform, so once again i recommend just holding your ground with the shotgun in the middle of the room. Supply boxes will drop randomly around the room, so sneak out every once in awhile to loot them when the spinning blade statue isn’t nearby.

Arena 4: Afterparty Ambush Zone
This is the only mildly challenging arena because of the large pillar in the center which makes the battle extra cramped. Once again use your trusty shotgun to pick off the mutants while strafing around the center pillar. Careful not to get swarmed by the club wielding mutants, as they can be pretty dangerous. When you get close to the end of the room an Abadon Warhead will spawn atop the middle pillar with a minigun. Pop into Overdrive and blow him away with your assault rifle.

Once all the enemies are dead you can head out the door and into another elevator that will lead you to the trophy ceremony, confirming your victory on Mutant Bash TV. Before you head out of the studio spend whatever MBTV tokens you won at the vendor in the lobby.

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