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Rage 2: Wasteland Celebrity Walkthrough

Wasteland Celebrity Walkthrough

You need to visit Torn Plains and meet Loosum Hagar, the daughter of Dan Hagar from the original game. Loosum is located closer to Gunbarrel, so we’ll go to meet her. Having arrived at Wellspring, start with the usual scouting: talk to everyone to learn useful information, and then pick up work from the board at the beginning of the city. Head to Mayor’s office, talk to the guard and defeat the enemies.

Take the elevator to Loosum and help her eliminate Goons. Search the office as it contains at least two datapads. Talk to Loosum to get a quest. She fights with Klegg Clayton for the right to be the Mayor. Apparently, this is the son of that very Clayton, Wellspring’s Mayor from the original game.

You need to win the show Mutant Bash and a derby ‘’Rally Crash’’. Follow the marker to the first place, listen to Desdemonia and take the elevator to the arena. Kill the mutants at four levels. The head of Avadon will appear at the last level. Hide from him behind the columns and aim at the head.

Head to the ‘’Rally Crash’’ track and take part in the competition. In all likelihood, you will not win at the first attempt, so repeat the race. Apparently, the game will even allow you to skip the race if you cannot take the first place for a long time. For the victory, you’ll get 10 auto parts and unlock a new vehicle – the ‘’Rally Crash’’ car.

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Go back to Wellspring and go to the Winner’s Lounge. Take the elevator, talk to Clayton and follow him to his office. When he leaves, install the bug on the computer, leave the office and enter the elevator. Ultimately, Clayton will learn about your plans and throw you into the sewers. Fight with a mutant named Jumbo. Aim at the head and use rush to dodge his attacks and flying debris.

Next, get out of here using tunnels, opening the doors with valves. To open the container behind the grate, shoot the wooden boxes in the nearby room and use the pipe to get to the desired place. Ultimately, you’ll find the Predator Authority tank. Kill the enemies and get out of here. Having cleared the nearby room, use the elevator to get upstairs and watch the cutscene. Go to Loosum Hagar and talk about everything to complete the quest. Now you have access to her projects.

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