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Railroad Corporation: Basic Game Mechanics

Relive the pioneering spirit of the Golden Age of Steam by establishing your own railroad empire across 19th century North America. Race against time, as well as the competition, to bring settlements together, produce and trade goods and develop new technologies.

Railroad Corporation Gameplay Basics

This guide is a series of campaign mission videos that explain each concept as it is introduced by the game and shows how to use each new game mechanic in actual play.

Basic Starting Setup

Basic City Growth, Supply Chain, Setting up Simple Lines and Research

In mission one we cover the basics of setting up initial rail lines, the depot, understanding the basics of the supply chain, and setting up and executing research to improve our trains.

The Portfolio

More Complex Supply Chains, Establishing a Strong Early Economy and Human Resources

In mission two we learn how to improve our character by using the Portfolio. We discuss how to establish a strong early economy. We are required to deliver clothing which requires a more complex supply chain. We also set up our first Human Resources Department in our HQ, which allows us to hire staff which provide benefits such as reducing track laying costs or the costs of the upkeep of our trains.

Owning Businesses, Growing Cities, and Another Complex Supply Chain

In mission three we are introduced to the concept of owning our own businesses and see the power of owning the entire supply chain to maximize profits. We learn how to grow cities so that we create more business opportunities. We deal with another complex supply chain (tools). We are introduced to the warehouse and a Trading Department for our HQ.

Dealing with Multiple Complex Supply Chains and Fulfilling Contracts

In mission four we are introduced to contracts which are opportunities to fulfill special demands from cities in our region to gain a good payout or pay a penalty should we fail. We also must deal with a couple of complex supply chains (clothing again and whiskey).

Note: as of 6/8/19 this mission suffers from some improvement opportunities (AKA defects) which impact the game play.


In mission five we are introduced to our Finance Department where we can get loans and issue bonds to fund our enterprise. We deal with another complex supply chain – weapons.


In mission six we are introduced to our Lobbying Department where we can use our influence to sway votes on pending legislation which could positively or negatively impact our business.

Note: as of 6/8/19, the video for this section is a work in progress and should be available shortly.

Written by Adekyn

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