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Rain World Map (Full Detailed)

A complete detailed interconnected map of the huge Rain World.

Rain World Map (Full Detailed)

Since the in-game map is not that user-friendly, I wanted to better understand the interconnections and scale of things at a glance. The map you see here is a mosaic of the individual zone maps found on the wiki (I could not find one complete map). I’ve tried to align the zones as best I could so their gates would line up respectively, to help with planning a route from A to B.

Only when put together it struck me just how crazy humongous the world really is…

This map helped me a lot, I hope it will help you too. Feedback is much appreciated.

Happy hunting!

Spoiler Warning

This map contains sections and information which could potentially be considered spoilers of key story or world elements.

Exploration is a vital, fun part of Rain World’s gameplay. If you truly wish to discover the world yourself, just pay attention to details around you and you should navigate quite well. I encourage you to do so at least on your first try.

This map is supposed to help those who could use some hand-holding with navigation when hunting for achievements.

The Map

Recommend opening in browser and then right-click opening the image in a new tab, or download from the link below.

Full Detailed Map
Rain World Map (Full Detailed)
Written by Lorenor

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