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Rapture Rejects – Advanced Tips

Advanced Tips from a Rapture Rejects Veteran.

Camera Angle Turns

This is a critical part of improving your gameplay. Understanding that at certain camera angles can give you more FOV that other angles. Use that to your advantage when you are following or observing someone.

Toaster Through Window

Small one, but pretty underrated and baller. Use the Toaster Full of Knives alternative fire (right-click) to jump through building windows.

It’s not so obvious initially, since you start the game learning the Toaster jumps over shorter environmental objects. Suddenly, now you realize you can jump through instead of over as well.

Compost Rifle Recycling

Another small one. Alternative fire compost ability recycles enemy bullets shot at you into the rifle’s ammo, so it’s not an invulnerability. Utility actives like the F Bomb will still hurt you.

Use Syringe

The Syringe consumable is so good. It gives you a large FOV to comprehend the situation and find players. You will see them before they see you. I suggest using it as soon as you pick it up.

Island With a Bridge

There is a section of the map where it is literally deprived of crates (I’ll try to update with a picture), and the only way out is a bridge. Avoid this area at all costs.

If you RNG spawn there, LEAVE! Rapture Rejects maps have notoriously always had a section of the map that is completely pointless except to screw you over with RNG.

Cover is Your Buddy

Abuse the hell out of cover. You can juke infinitely and has been even easier with the nerf to movement when shooting.

An advanced tip on this topic is to give yourself distance between the cover if your opponent is still far away.
The F Bomb’s goal is to expose you for hugging cover, so the cover can be a disadvantage because it blocks 25%+ of your pathing. You have to utilize the 75% of the open area to escape, and if you realize to late and try to Dash, it may not be enough.

Misleading AOE Circles

Speaking of AOE, don’t pretend you are safe when you are barely out of the AOE circle. It’s a bit misleading and has cost me many games in the past. Judge and give yourself enough room. Always use the Dash if you are unsure.

F Bomb Tactic

Congratualtions. You nailed someone with your amazing F Bomb skills, because your opponent didnt dash or even try to run out of the AOE death circle.

Against better players this won’t work. Adjust your F Bomb to where you think they will Dash, but make sure they are slightly in the AOE circle.

Another tactic is to throw an F Bomb from inside a building. The opponent won’t realize what is going on until the AOE circle is right over their heads. Works especially when someone is attempting to open an Ark (big golden crate).

Wall of Metal Tips

Use the utility active as a defense and offense.

When someone is running away, throw the wall in front of a choke point.

At end game when the circle is closing in and it’s complete open field, utilize the wall as cover when you need to heal or reload. Especially important if you have shotguns out and ready if someone is clueless enough to walk around the wall.

Use the wall in a given fight. Guns like sniper rifles and shotguns have low ammo capacity and require multiple reloads. Get a good idea of your distance relative to them and put up the wall when you have a good reading of when they will shoot. Nullifying even one bullet from these guns will put the fight in your favor.

Avoid Chasing

Especially in the early game, it is detrimental to chase. You will run out of ammo quickly, and you are likely to attract attention. Let them chase you. Runners have the advantage in this game (I’ll go into this more next). You also need better weapons and gear to pull the fight in your favor.

Runners vs. Chasers

Yes, runners have the advantage in this game. If you ever played a top-down/isometric shooting game like this, you will realize bullets have travel time. That means chasers will get hit by your bullets, but you won’t get hit by theirs. This is more obvious with the Tromblunderbuss gun alternative fire or Pencil Sharpener.

With the recent change to moving slowly while shooting and new utility actives, runners now have a huge advantage than ever before.

Written by ExiRo

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