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Ratropolis A Simple Guide to the Starting Economy

This guide apply to all Leaders and only help you until you transition to mid game.

A Simple Guide to the Starting Economy

At the beginning, you will get 1 “Potter”, 1 “militia”, 1 “Grain”, 1″Guard”, 1 “house” and 3 “Cheese”.

Here the following steps that you can follow for massive profit:

  • Step 1: use all cheese card on hand until you only have one
  • Step 2: redraw (pay the gold)
  • Step 3: repeat step 1
  • Step 4: repeat step 2

Noted: You can repeat these steps until the Value of redraw cost more than the maximum total of one cheese hand (maximum possible is 420 with a deck full of cheese.) Going for max is not recommended .

You can use all other economy cards on top of this but do not add more into the pile (unless it is mining or you are transitioning out of cheese).

If you got a “remove” early, remove “potter” and/or “Militia” to keep spamming more cheese card efficiently.

The trader will arrive early with this method. if you got the first few mining cards from the trader early on, you can potentially out scale the redraw value with mining cards and continue to spam using the mining card instead.

This strategy applied to all commanders but some do get more benefit than the other.

Written by Reaper

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